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Chapter 2: Party Crashers

You pick up one of the chair legs and chuck it at the approaching zombie. It spins through the air and then sticks in his right shin. The legs and backs of the chairs are made of metal rather than the wooden seat, so that ought to slow him down. Inside, the pizzeria worker dials the police on the phone sitting on the counter. You can hear only one side of the conversation, and you pick up "Hey, I need the police! There are zombies here at the pizzeria!..... Yeah, zombies..... Well, I'm PRETTY sure they are..... Three of them so far, but there might be more..... Me and this other guy here spotted them..... Well we've killed TWO of them, but there's a third one who's only wounded..... Uh, no, they didn't really attack us first..... Yeah, they're definitely dead. We knocked one of their heads clean off..... Well they've GOT to be zombies!..... Why do you think the police will need to see US?..... What do you mean "Probably not really zombies?"..... What do you mean "I'm full of crap?"..... What? We didn't murder any--... Ah, crap, they cut me off. Hey, uh mister... I think we're in some trouble here. The police apparently haven't heard anything of zombies infesting the town, and cops are on the way here because they think we just murdered a couple of people. What should we do now?"

Well..... It's been almost two weeks and still nobody's posted a suggestion on the latest scene. What's going on?

Shook:I think that people was unaware of the update, but who knows...?
Unfortunatly, i dont really have any suggestion for the story... -_-

futuramaguy42:Throw the cash register at the zombie. Then buy a pizza because hes probably hungry. Also team up with the store owner to see if theres any more zombies.

I figure this is as good a place as any to notify everyone... My computer's motherboard went bad about three days ago, so it might be well over a week before I can get a new one and everything. Whatever the case, it'll probably be a good while before the next update comes, varying more based on whether or not my hard drive is still good. Something caused my computer to get pretty thoroughly messed up, but hopefully my hard drive is unharmed. If it is, I'm going to have to be sure to back up all of my important files. This recent incident is reminding me of my computer's... Um... "Mortality."

baco24:Wait until the zombie comes in the shop and stab your pen in his Eye >:] Then Kick him beetween the leg's and then poke his other eye out so hes blind...

You take the cash register off of the counter, and proceed to step outside with it and hurl it into the head of the slowly approaching, impaled zombie. He's most likely dead now. While this is going on, the restaurant worker grabs a box of pizza and takes it outside saying "It's probably ok if we take this, since there isn't really anybody around to tell us otherwise. Besides, the cops are already coming for us thinking we've killed two people... Well... Three... So yeah, we really ought to find some other place to go before they get here."

ragdollmaster:Pick up a shard of glass for a weapon and run into the apartment building- try to hide somewhere inconspicuous

You pick up one of the larger pieces of glass and run into your apartment building's lobby with the restaurant employee, who asks "Do you live in here? Wouldn't the police be really likely to search this apartment building?" There's a door to your left and right, one of which is probably the landlord's, and additionally the stairs and elevators are there. What should the next move be?

ATOMIC_DUCK:Well, if I'm able to suggest something, I'd say Check the Landlords room for the Landlord, and possibly anything that you could 'borrow' in order to use.

You enter the nearest door, and you soon come to realize that the landlord's apartment isn't really less crappy than yours. But the room might just look crappy because... It's full of zombies! One of them, missing an arm, messing with the fish bowl, notices you when you come in, but two others are more interested in the door further back in the room. What you gonna do?

Chang:KILL IT WITH THE GLASS SHARD!!! KILL THE BASTARD!!! Oh, and then and see if you and silently kill the other two and see if anyone's hiding the the closet. Ask first. Don't just open the door. It could be another zombie. Or someone who was bitten and could soon turn into one.

blindragdoll667:silently remove your shirt and strangle the fishbowl one.

Backbreaker:Lure the zombie with one arm over with the pizza and when he gets close, shut the box and shove the pen through his head several times.

Well unfortunately, my computer is broken AGAIN. Hopefully I can get to the root of the problem, but if I'm unlucky, I'm going to have to reformat it, and it's going to be a royal pain to re-draw the scene I had planned. It was already partially done, and it's going to suck if it gets lost.

Robowurmz:Wrestle with the one-armed Zombie if you can, wrenching his arm off, and then throw that arm at the other too (hopefully) knocking them flat.

I wish my computer wouldn't keep breaking right before new people show up. <_____< It's probably making me look lazy or some junk.

Backbreaker:Well, we know you aren't.
(Check out my user-made one in the...user-made forum)

You lunge at the nearest zombie, fly through the air, and plunge the glass shard into his head. The pizzeria employee is quite shocked at this, and the other two zombies seem to have noticed your loud assassination of their friend, and they begin to lose interest in the door.

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