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Chapter 3: More For Me

The zombie with the glass shard in his head got pushed into the corner zombie, knocking them both over. As the third zombie approached, you hurled the fish bowl at him, but much to your surprise, it didn't break! They must make those fish bowls out of some strong glass.

Fox-Fool: Bash all the zombies with the pillow, then log on the computer.

Shook: Quickly grab the PC monitor and chuck it at the zombie! D:<

Cesar: choke the bitch with za blanket >:D

(if u didnt save it, why didnt Photoshop said: "do you want to save the changes of untitled 1?" or something like that.)

ATOMIC_DUCK: God, I am such an asshole.

Ragdollmaster: ( Talking about the last one )

Your voice is much deeper then i expected. It scares me.
I shall have the next suggestion D:<

Also... why was my suggestion not imaginative? ... I'm gonna go quietly cry in a corner till this week's pic is done...

???revived: Heh, your voice is not that different from mine...
But i lol'd when you accused A_D of being an asshole ^_^

Ragdollmaster: lol "Hey look who's online, it's ATOMIC_DUCK *signs off* Ah that asshole! I was gonna talk to him!"

jaredvcxz: It was funny how you kept on saying "OH HELL!"

Ragdollmaster: Is update now?

Come back after exam season. (b'.')b Well actually, stick around, but expect something to be made after exam season.

Shook: Good luck Trooth, and may you score many A's :3

Skix: Well, I guess this is exam season but I shall post an Idea anyway and wait...

That looks like a really light table...

Grab table (In turn causing the Mac-Thing to fall off)

Beat Zombies with said table.

As for music in ze commentary:
Take a cable and hook it to the speaker jack to the line in jack. (or Mic Jack if you use a usb Microphone) Then Play some music. Any music will do... as long as you dont use that screechy japnese music, country, or rap.
I like all three but they don't make great background music...

futuramaguy42: Exams. 'shivvers'

After finally knocking the zombies around with the pillow in the room, they do nothing but twitch a little, so you move on to the computer at the desk. There was a disk in the machine, and some kind of an awesome game starts playing when you turn it on. This, however, is surely inconsequential to your current predicament.

ATOMIC_DUCK: Well, I've probably responded before, but, I say to ford the river. Never pay the indians to take you through the pass.

Fox-Fool: Organ Entrails...
Woops, wrong game >_>

Ragdollmaster: Visit troothful tales on the browser >:3

Fox-Fool: I change my answer, go with raggies.

Ragdollmaster: Then edit your post >:3

Duck, that's a per-chapter thing. When we get to a _1 or a _6 in any story, your suggestion supply gets renewed. Maximum capacity is 1 though, so it's not like you can build up a whole bunch. =P

Then edit your post >:3
Fox-Fool: What were you doing when you posted this?
Did you even look at my original before you posted this?

The river is pretty shallow at this point, so you decide to ford it, and this turns out to be quite a profitable decision. Since you didn't pay the Indians to ferry you across, you'll have some extra money to spend when you reach Fort Laramie. You even found some wild fruit shortly after. In the meantime, the pizzeria guy is poking around the room and soon says to you "Hey, I found the landlord locked in his bathroom. We're going to try and get to the hospital to make sure he won't become a zombie." Uh-oh, looks like the food supply is getting low. You may need to either go hunting or reduce your rations. A moment later you hear the pizzeria guy shout from outside "AREN'T YOU COMING WITH US?"

futuramaguy42: Go with the pizza guy and take the game with you.

Ragdollmaster: I made it my new year's resolution to be first to reply, but I'm too slow D: damn timezones...

Well I'd have to say go to the hospital but take a weapon to protect yourself from the landlord in case he turns into a zombie.

( P.S: With the zombie outbreak and all, killing them and recruiting people, this is starting to remind me a lot of SCZ, but with less gore and guns and more average stuff )

Yeah, I knew it would be less funny if it starred anybody who had a clue what they were doing.

Chang: go hunting. that was always fun. If you reduce your rations, you'll still end up running out of food. definitley go hunting... and fuck the pizza guy. He can find is own damn way to the hospital.

ATOMIC_DUCK: Yeah, seriously. Oregon Trail is more fun than going to the hospital.

You decide having reached the next landmark that you'll accompany the other two. You eject the disk and walk on outside, only to see that your landlord is apparently eating the pizzeria employee. Now this is just getting downright annoying. When are these people going to give it a rest with all the turning green and random eye color changes?

Shook: Quickly run over and snatch the PEETZA, and then run away from the zombies, while looking for more food and drink...

The two zombies can barely keep themselves balanced and oriented as you dash by and grab their pizza. By the time you're five feet away, there's no way they can close the gap between you. The only thing to do now is decide where you want to head with your freshly acquired food. To your immediate forward, you can see what appears to be another apartment building. To the left is a bowling alley, and on the right (just next door to your own apartment building) is a convenience store. The road ahead turns to the right.

Chang: ooh... go into those other apartment buildings and search for that infamous "girl next door" ;)


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