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Chapter 4: Unnamed

Approaching the apartment across the street, you nearly run right into a guy standing on the sidewalk's corner. He says to you "Whoa! No need to be in such a hurry. Seems like the bus is running really late today. Really, it seems like it should have been here by now...... Say, does it feel to you like the whole world is tilted to the left a bit?" Clearly this man is oblivious to the world in turmoil around him.

Ragdollmaster: Run inside the building (one with white doors) and ignore that freak... (if the door is locked, use the mighty pen to jimmy the lock.) and then barricade the door to stop the zombies from advancing o: [By the way, what's with the zombie theme? Is this your version of the Survival Crisis Z pre-game era?]

futuramaguy42: Eat a pizza then eat a zombie!!!!

jaredvcxz: This one is the more reasonable of the two.

I guess this has the presence of zombies and the location of a city in common with Survival Crisis. Not to mention... Well... Um.............. Hm.

I used to be a waiter in Schenectady. What about you, Average Guy?
I was a doctor in Tarvel hills
Ha ha ha!
It's time to kill kill kill!
Let's loot houses.
Ha ha ha!
I used to be a waiter in Schenectady. What about you, Average Guy?

Going across the street to that other building (the one it was earlier presumed was another apartment building) you find that the front door is quite easily opened, not locked or anything. As soon as you get in, you find yourself in a room that's totally empty except for a tall gentleman standing near a tall green door. The moment you enter, he starts to say "Pardon me, but unless you have specific business here, you mus-- Oh, sorry, you appear to be carrying the parcel that my associates and I have been anticipating. If you will hand it here to me, we can at last complete our transaction." Is he talking about the pizza?

Ragdollmaster: I already suggested last time so I guess, for anyone who checks and is too lazy so suggest something by themselves;

A, kill him with the pen and steal the monocle, B, give him peetzah in exchange for money, C, inform him of the situation o:

Fox-Fool: Give him your shoes and the disk.

Knowing you need not utter a word in such a situation, you give him, with full deliberation, your shoes and the awesome game you got from the landlord's office. The gentleman replies "... Ah... I can see now what sort of situation your comrades are in. Very well. Save the parcel, and return here in an hour for the alternative exchange." With that... Um... Explanation, he exits via the green door behind him with his new belongings.

LORD ZEHRO: Slowly open the green door and peer inside to see what's going on.

Curious to the fate of your shoes and excellent computer game, you peek inside the door after the tall gentleman. Inside you see... apparently nothing! The room is only about the size of one person, and is totally dark, but the strangest thing is that you see no floor, just a lot more darkness below you. Surely this man didn't just plummet to his evident doom?

Ragdollmaster: My suggestion to anyone who CBA to think of something: Drop the pen and listen to see if it drops so you can discern if it's a bottomless pit.

And Trooth, your lazy tactics are evident. There's a floating doorknob in the frame of the white space, under the pizza.

That's the door on the wall behind him. Average Guy entered through it. Look a few scenes back.

LORD ZEHRO: Ahh it's all about the angle from which you percieve the image. I bet that monacle guy is like gman of half life 1 and 2 ep.1 2 and 3, some wierd alien being who speaks like he's got two personalities colliding. Wieee-erd...

Listen to me blab on about half life, can't blame me though, it's awesome!

It is, it is... By the way Zehro, how did you end up here? Are you somebody I usually recognize with another name, or are you just some cool person who ended up here on his own?

LORD ZEHRO: I was actualey looking on this website called ragdollsoft and some guy had a link to the website, so i thought i'd take a look, anyway, i liked the idea so i thought i'd join!


LORD ZEHRO: Urm. Yeah let's...

Uh... Hm... Well I'm moving into my college dorm tomorrow, and I've been packing and getting ready all day today, so I might have to postpone the next picture.

I hope you stay, Zehro, so far all of the people who have signed up here that I didn't already know from somewhere else have only made a handful of posts and were then never seen again. =[

Ekoz: JUMP IN!!!

that'd be fun.

lol, nice to see you, loofi.

only made a handful of posts and were then never seen again. =[
jaredvcxz: I know you're all wishing that was me.

LORD ZEHRO: I won't leave but if i dont post e-mail me, i sometimes forget you see.

But yeah i don't mind waiting, oh and by the way, let's not get this guy killed i like zombie survival stuff, humerous or not.

Ekoz: no, for reals! i mean, this could be an underground survival chamber with lots of help!

jaredvcxz: Turn into a stickman and jump into the supposed cave so it'll be just like stickman sam 2

futuramaguy42: Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your stay.

You take a deep breath and jump right on into this dark pit. You only fall for a second, then land on some hard surface, still in the dark. It's still hard to determine where you are, but you have a definite feeling that you are now moving up...

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