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Chapter 3: The Legend of Fritzald

You grab the nearby newt and try to stuff him into one of your pockets. "Your name shall be Fritzald" you regally decree. He seems to be most disinclined to accept this new law, and tries to scramble out of your grasp! You sock him a few times to make him a little more compliant, and then you think you hear him mutter something about being even more fabulous than you, so you give him a few more hits. That ought to make him much more useful to the cause.

Zero_Ctrl: Go with Numbers' suggestion.

715379: Be a bad-ass and break that chest open.

jaredvcxz: ...

Is fritzald dead?

No, he's sleeping. No animals were harmed in the making of this CYOA

... Yet

jaredvcxz: But the main character punched him repeatedly.

If he a super gecko?

I'm deaming him a gecko because geckos > newts.

715379: Well he is an Über gecko.

Shook: Ram your magic wand into the keyhole. Literally, not figuratively.

You stuff Fritzald in your pocket and prepare to smash the chest into two half-chests. Unfortunately, it is very resilient. Smashing lizards is much easier than smashing heavy pieces of furniture like this. Right now, you're only happy that Fritzald is not awake to see you cry.

futuramaguy42: Insert Fritzald in the chest like a key, it has to work!

jaredvcxz: Stick your wand in the hole while yelling KALAPALOOZA.

jaredvcxz: It's friday so BUMP.

jaredvcxz: So much for consistency

715379: So much for you.

argh. I was trying to get on here last night, but I couldn't connect for some reason.

Well today, I'm attempting to install a new version of Photoshop. All this time I've been using Photoshop 7.0, but I might be getting to upgrade to CS4 tonight. We'll see how that goes.

jaredvcxz: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Unless you already bought it, in which case install it and churn out 1,000 CYOAs to get your money's worth, though I doubt that will be enough.

Yes. I already..... bought..... it.

Besides, CS4 has things that I really totally need. Like... NESTED LAYER SETS. I have pined for nested layer sets for many an age.

Jamming Fritzald's tail into the lock, you eventually figure out how to fashion it into a makeshift lockpick. If there's one thing bandits are good at, it's picking locks!

When you open the lid, one of your fellow bandits pops out! What was his name again? He says "Oh thanks! Yeah, we had a pretty nasty fight with the wizard down here. He used his magic to turn us into rats and lizards, and he locked me in the trunk... by magic... I guess... I'm not sure if we succeeded in kidnapping him or not. For all I know, he teleported away during the struggle. I guess we should run back to the hideout to see if he's being held captive back there.

Are you... Wearing a fabulous pink wizard robe?"

jaredvcxz: Ask him who the hell Fritzald is, then.

715379: Use your wand to give him a Fabulous Pink Wizard Robe (FPWR), and be fabulous wizard buddies.

Zero_Ctrl: Yeah, who the hell is Fritzald?
Hopefully not the leader of the bandits. :P

The bandit in the trunk answers you: "Oh, he was basically that one guy, you know, the one who is basically the most accomplished, practically-superhuman bandit in our crew. The guy whose name nobody knew because he was such a dashing cutthroat rogue that he never told anyone. The guy who would have been the leader of the bandits if only he wasn't so unstable and ruthless in every action he took. The guy who would sooner kill everyone and take their stuff by force than use any kind of finesse, and only takes orders from our leader due to some mysterious favor he earned way back in their mysterious past. I'm pretty sure that the only reason the wizard was able to turn him into a lizard was because he insisted on being the first one through the door. Boy, I'd hate to see what he plans to do to the wizard (or for that matter, anyone else who has done him harm) when and if he finally gets changed back."

Zero_Ctrl: Oh dear lord.
I think we should run.

Try to teleport yourself out of there!

E: I like those low-detail examples' style.

715379: You forgot to feed your pet Cat. Leave the bandit and go home to feed him.

Ok now I don't know which one I should use. Because the first picture in this chapter was ZC telling me to use numbers' suggestion. So whose turn does that count as?

715379: I think technically it's mine, because that was his request to use my request.

Zero_Ctrl: Wat.
He had one even before that too.
In other words, he's had two suggestions this chapter (if you include the one I gave him)

E: Wait, was Chapter 10 part of this section?

It's every 5 images, so...

The only ones I can say for sure have had a turn are future and jaredvcxz

jaredvcxz: Aw tits >.<

Shook: Sneak the hell away from Fritzald, in a way that only a totally fabulous bandit could. Alternatively, hope he won't recognize you through tiny lizard eyes.

Zero_Ctrl: Seeing as Shook's is similar to mine, let's just go with that.
End of chapter is soon anyways.

jaredvcxz: Yay this is lasting longer than the chef!

715379: How dare you leave Fritzald! He is your loyal companion.

jaredvcxz: Until he's back in his human form, that is.

Shook: because he will probably stab you many times when/if he becomes human again

mate0123: hi i'm new ^^

anyways, i'd say stabbing the lizard/gekko/newt/ex-human with the magic stick, i guess that'd work better than running away at least :P

Zero_Ctrl: Welcome to the forums!

715379: !smurof eht ot emocleW

jaredvcxz: Stop trying to confuse the poor lad D:

715379: to poor the Stop D: confuse lad trying

Whoa, that's the first totally new person to join in like... Over a year.
I feel like there should be some kind of prize given out.

The bandit in the trunk says to you, "Well, we'd better gather up the guys and carry them back to our hideout. If everyone was successful in capturing the wizard, we can make him change them all back." As he scrambles to pick up the rats and vermin in the basement, you say "Uh, I think I saw a rat upstairs. Lemme go get it" and then take the opportunity to sneak (fabulously) out the front door. That other guy is bound to come hurrying up behind you with pocketfuls of lizards and such, so what should be the next objective before he makes his way out of the basement?

mate0123: prize given out, huh? i'll think about it (?

ok, back to the story. try to fabulously block the door with your awesomely gay magic?

715379: Blow up the house. Duh.

mate0123: with awesomely gay magic?

Zero_Ctrl: I'm willing to bet that the door was unlocked the whole time.
And all that face smashing into window for nothing ._.

jaredvcxz: Being extreme does not need a reason other than the sake of being extreme.

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