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Chapter 4: The Power of Cheese

Still a little unfamiliar with the principles of sorcery, you try to focus all your thoughts on blocking the door as you wiggle the wand at it. Your mind is totally focused on blocking, forming a roadblock, blocking pursuers, blocking progress, wooden blocks... Say, what else is often sold in block form?

Shortly afterward, the door becomes a block of cheese. Well that ought to slow the other bandit down. Or at least it'll probably make him stop and wonder momentarily how a giant block of cheese came to replace the door. Hey, maybe he's hungry and he'll stop to eat it!

futuramaguy42: Sit down and have a nice cheese break.

715379: Still blow the house up.

But take the cheese.

Zero_Ctrl: What is this I don't even

jaredvcxz: ^This.

mate0123: no cheese for yo- OMFG CHEESE DOOR!

of course i'd forget the lizard on the other side and eat the door *o*

Ragdollmaster: Flip through those Weird Books in an attempt to see what they're about etc.

You sit on the ground and start ripping chunks out of the cheesy door. The cheese is quite smooth and delicious, so you keep on eating it until it is coating the inside and outside of your face. There is always time for cheese. Shortly into your cheese break, you hear a startled "WHAAAAAAAAAAAT" muffled through the massive block before you. Your associate from the basement seems to have discovered what happened. Should you take action before he recovers from this shocking experience?

jaredvcxz: Tell him that you like cheese in a creepy voice and dash off

715379: BLOW.

jaredvcxz: My idea is better BECAUSE IT'S MINE.

Zero_Ctrl: Good God, what have we created?

jaredvcxz: A monster. A semi-retarded monster.

715379: You're welcome.

Ragdollmaster: Run away before your 'associate' omnoms through the door.

mate0123: while you're at it, keep the voice to tell him that you're his father

"I liIiIiIkE cHeeeEEEeeeEeEeZe" you utter toward the door in an otherworldly voice. After that, you rest assured that you have made enough of an impact on this cabin and everything in it, then run your fabulous ass down the road. You realize you've once again wound up where you started, and make an attempt at pondering what to do next. Your bandit comrades may be in trouble, or waiting for you at the hideout, though it may be time to pursue some other lifestyle than that of a cutthroat bandit. What's a pink-robed, cheese-stuffed man in a stuipd hat to do?

Zero_Ctrl: Follow the road to our right until you run into something interesting.


jaredvcxz: Surgically attach the wand to your penis.

We've all heard of magic fingers, but now it's time for the eleventh one to be magic too.

Shook: Prance down the road in a "blub blerb" manner. And when i say down, i mean left. You can optionally swing the wand around in a fabulous manner while shouting random spells.

mate0123: i wonder if we should make the bandit learn at least one spell from those books, you never know what's waiting for you when walking on a road in a fabulous costume...
now it's time for the eleventh one to be magic too.
i believe everyone must agree with that xDD

I feel sorta bad for the bandit. The only time he really uses his head is when bashing it against things to break them.
Well, I guess using a lizard to pick a lock is a pretty novel idea.

Moving back into my apartment. Will (most likely) update once I'm fully moved in again.

Zero_Ctrl: Good, good.

You stroll along the trail for a while, seeking out whatever may come your way. Eventually you encounter two local children playing out in the field. They approach you and start poking you with a stick and grabbing at your belongings.
"Who're you, mister?"
"Are you the evil wizard who lives out by the woods?"
"He sure is fabulous enough to be that guy"
"You smell like cheese. Can I have some cheese, mister?"
"Why are you wearing that stupid-looking hat?"
"How come you're not riding a horse or anything?"
They are quite an annoying pair, and you begin to worry that the small one grabbing at your untied belt is going to loosen the robe too much. That would be quite a horrifying experience.

futuramaguy42: I'll let someone else take this one.

Zero_Ctrl: Aw darn, I can't answer until the next one.

That one kid is poking dangerously close to your junk.

Shook: Attempt to domesticate the little blighters with application of cheese. Or something.

jaredvcxz: Don't forget to put the hat on one of them.

For a second there I thought it was going to be a mistake to introduce children to this site's CYOAs

jaredvcxz: We're idiots, not pedophiles :3

715379: Blow up the children.


715379: Wrong good sir, that would be "Blow the children"

jaredvcxz: I'm dyslexic.

Zero_Ctrl: Really?
I'm cixelsyd too!

jaredvcxz: I'm only dyslexic when I make a spelling error or read something wrong ;)

I think I'm too tired to squeeze out the next picture tonight... So I'm gonna shoot for tomorrow morning, before I go to class.

My sleep schedule and my school schedule have both gone through about a million changes in the past couple days, so I'm having a hard time making heads or tails of anything. One day I slept from 6 AM to 6 PM, then the next day I slept from 12 PM to 12 AM. So now I'm gonna try to go to sleep at the almost-reasonable hour of 5-6 PM and hope that I wake up sometime similar to when a normal person does.

Zero_Ctrl: It's okay.

jaredvcxz: These things are well worth the wait :3

My schedule is stressing me out like hell. I signed up today for a class called "persuasive writing" not because I have any interest in that whatsoever, but because it had a free slot. Tomorrow I'm going to visit a history class which is already over capacity and beg to be allowed in as well. I think my chances are pretty good, since the professor obviously does allow extra people in. One more won't hurt, eh?

I decided I shouldn't be working on fun things like this site until I'm CERTAIN that I've sorted out everything school-related. When I have a solid 15-hour schedule, I'll happily come home and doodle around in Photoshop.

You present the children with some of your delicious magical cheese. Immediately they snatch it from you and scarf it down. "Ok, now SIT," you command. They seem to pay no attention. But now they have a taste for cheese... AND THEY WANT MORE

"Where's the rest of it?"
"Check his pockets!"
"Jump on him!"
"Quit moving around, mister!"
"Tie his arms up!"
"What are these books? Maybe we can sell them!"
"Why have you got this stick? It looks dumb. Mine is better!"

So now you're left in the middle of the road, your arms tied up by your robe's belt. Your only valuable possession left is your wand, which you barely know how to use. You just watched two demonic little children run down the road with your delicious cheese and your stolen books. It doesn't look like things could get much worse.

jaredvcxz: Jump up, still tied up, and chase after them.

Zero_Ctrl: I swear this has happened to me before.

715379: I TOLD you to blow them up, but you never listen do you?

Now you left me no choice; blow up EVERYTHING in your path.


jaredvcxz: And drown in the river?

At least we let this guy live longer than chef.

Shook: Pretty sure there isn't any river there. If there is, roll uphill.

Zero_Ctrl: I can't quite tell if it is the sky or a river.

Supposed to be the sky. <__<
I should have drawn clouds, probably. But if it was a river, I'd (probably) draw lines in it to indicate flowing water, or use two colors to show where it's deeper. See most of the river-oriented Monk pictures.

SgtKinuzzo: Use your FABULOUS skillz to somehow un-wind yourself from bondage.

Ohya, I'm new. Yay.

Zero_Ctrl: Welcome to the forums!

Where might we know you from?

SgtKinuzzo: You people wouldn't really know me, because I'm the genuine new person. Yeah.

Zero_Ctrl: Cool, my other question is how you found this site.
It's pretty obscure >_>

SgtKinuzzo: I previously knew this from ragdollsoft, but never bothered to make a profile.

jaredvcxz: un-wind yourself from bondage.

Zero_Ctrl: I previously knew this from ragdollsoft, but never bothered to make a profile.
Ah, cool.

mate0123: of course, GO AFTER THEEEEEEEEM!!

hey there, you new? awesome! (yeah, going for the easy joke :B)

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