Chapter 1

Entailing the beginning of Shepry and Koen's predicament, and their resulting simply-planned resolution

      It was Shepry who first woke up in the morning. Not to say she awoke first any morning or every morning, but on THE morning, she was the first to wake. This morning which was so important, which, by some philosophy, set their life on such a course that would be seen as amazing and farcical as opposed to any other morning, was just one in which Shepry was the first to wake. This one girl, Shepry, lived only with the boy Koen, and on this morning he was the second most important thing on her mind. Naturally I mean only the primary things on her mind, as when one large idea is on one's mind, many sub-ideas go with it. As I'm sure all readers want to know, the primary prominent idea on Shepry's mind this morning was all of her possessions within her house. How is it possible that a person may think of so many items, issues at once? Simply put, they had been present the night before, and no longer were. All but her self, her current clothes, and the bed she slept in had been removed from the room, and indeed, there were no things in the rest of the house to save her worried mind from the thoughts "Everything is gone." Once convinced of this fact that most everything in her home was gone, this became priority number two. Number one had become "Alert Koen" by a promotional process.
      Though it wasn't customary of Shepry, the magnitude of this situation was so great that she let the throes of panic send her immediately and abruptly into Koen's room with an alarmed shout of "HEY! Koen, wake up!"
      To which he gave a groggy reply of "Ughm.... Whaddizzit? Whadzummatter?"
      Shepry ran straight to him and plainly told him "We got robbed last night! It looks like everything's gone!"
      Now Koen was able to shake off his engagement to sleep and stood up, now having seen his emptry room and cry "Great Scott! You're right! Everything!"
      Only now, an oddity caught Shepry's attention. Though most everything was gone this morning, she'd still woken up undisturbed in her bed. Koen, however, had nothing more than a pillow sitting on his floor. "Wait, your bed is gone too?" she said to him.
      "Uhm..." Evidently the oddity had only just now occurred to him as well.
      "I mean... My bed's still here..." She told him.
      Koen could make no viable reply but a weak smile in his defense. Clearly he is just some kind of a heavy sleeper. Though in a display of wit somewhere near the sharpness of a rubber ball, he was able to retort moments later with "So I can bunk with you tonight?"
      Shepry, having in this time calmed herself, gathered her thoughts, and remembered one special detail about her discovery this morning, was able to promptly defer this question with "I don't think sleeping arrangements are the greatest of our worries right now. But there may be a bright side to this!"
      Shepry led him to the door which opened out to their front porch and grassy lawn. Stepping down from the porch and around to the right-side corner against the house, she led him to a secret place underneath the porch. The two of them knew this place very well, but it was quite clear that no other person did, and with luck, never would. She opened up the concealed door built into the bricks of their porch and presented to him a mysterious metallic device, saying "They didn't take this."
      "Kickawesome," was his reply, "but what about the rest of it?"
      "Still here!"
      "But nothing else?"
      "Nothing else."
      Koen knew this device and its function very well, mysterious though it still was to him. It was this device which created great flames, and when placed in a large basket, would carry the two of them high into the sky. It was the burner to Shepry and Koen's hot air balloon, one definitely essential part of it.
      Now this young boy and girl find their home relieved of all worldly possessions both necessary and excessive, now essentially more a shell of its previous memory than a true home. Meanwhile the sky stands over them, offering promises of opportunity, of unlimited possibilities over the horizon, if they'd just oblige it by sailing off into its expanse that they might earnestly search for the promises' fruition. What's a young untethered spirit to do? Koen knew just how to voice the decision, and Shepry had naturally to agree.
      "Well let's get going! It's not like there's anything to do here!"
      "Got that right. Now just tell me where we're going."
      As they'd just finished assembling their balloon and embarking from their land, Koen gave her the adventurous response "We'll go wherever the wind takes us."

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