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The Cop's (short-lived) Story


Kiyasha {Facepunch}: Cop Guy.

ragdollmaster: no continue the kung-fu guy and jelly monster story!

We can return to the old one another time, but right now, I feel like starting up on a new character. .
jaredvcxz: Now is that time.

ragdollmaster: then average guy! the most exciting adventures happen to an average guy!

Yisrolik: kung fu guy wityh jelly monster hybrid, plant eating ninja star thing!

bonedevil: KUNG-FOO PLEAS

ATOMIC_DUCK: LooFiloo said he would take the first suggestions. So, cop guy.
(besides, how fun would 'average guy' be? Not paying bills and drinking your troubles away in a shitty bar for the whole story would be loads of fun...)

Oh, he'd be more fun than you'd think. ;) Just because it's an average guy doesn't mean he's in an average situation. Cop Guy update coming soon.

bonedevil: afte this can we plz go back to kung fo guy that was alot more fun

That depends on what the first response is, Bonedevil.

You are one of the fine upstanding citizens who make it their duty to serve and protect the non-upstanding citizens. You're sitting in a coffee shop one day, when you begin thinking that the colors on the walls around you might just be too effeminate. You need some kind of change of scenery, and just then, a voice comes on your radio telling of a high-speed pursuit of several drug dealers. It might just be the kind of action you need. On the other hand, you DID just order your coffee... And drug dealers are pretty dangerous... What do you think?

LB: Go get Krispy Kream doughnuts and lett other people handle it for a while.

...:::Ben:::...: great idea!

jaredvcxz: NOW whose making it boring >_<

LB: Maybe the crooks will come by and you can shoot them!

ragdollmaster: get the donuts and then go chase the crooks. make sure that you dont put in any effort, and just put a cinder block on the gas so you can watch the other cops get the dealers while eating donuts ( i know its only one thing at a time but that still sounds cool)

You get in your car and head for the Krispy Kreme drive-through, but when you get up to the speaker, you realize you have no money in your inventory. Gotta have money to get donuts, eh? At any rate, the voice on your walkie-talkie is saying that the previously mentioned fugitives are headed straight for the general vicinity of the donut shop.

My pictures seem to be getting increasingly intricate. I need to stop that to make for some faster updates.

ThomasG: Go after the crooks

...:::Ben:::...: I agree,

and loofiloo... you dont want to see my drawings.

ThomasG:What do u mean ur drawings kick ass man!!

Supermonstar: Yeah at least better than me!

...:::Ben:::...: well thanks, but i mean on computer

jaredvcxz: you're all better than me!!

my drawings suck you-don't-even-wanna-know

All right, let's take a look at the layout in an overhead view. You are the car at the very bottom, currently stopped at the Krispy Kreme. The crooks, pursued by one police car, are about to have to turn left. At that point, they'll either head back the way they came, or run into a police road block. Do you want to somehow catch them before they make the turn, try to cut them off on the left, back up the roadblock on the right, or take some other course of action?

(a more simple picture this time (the cars' headlights are shown to indicate the direction they're facing, but it isn't really night time))

2bknown: turn left, then right, then block the road above on the left side

ragdollmaster: so sandwhich the crooks between the roadblock and pursuing copcar? i like it, nowhere to go on a 3-Way intersection. but uh-oh;

All right, well here I go once again spending longer on a picture than I need to be spending.

You head to the left and try to block the road to deter the criminals, but to your surprise, they turn to the right and crash right into the police roadblock. Even more surprisingly, they get through, but their car is incapacitated. So waaay down the road, you can see a few guys get out of their car and run off into some building.

ragdollmaster: call reiforcements then go around back to make sure they dont escape through a back door

Fox-Fool: I agree.

The officers manning the roadblock head for the front door, and as they prepare to enter, you run around to the back. Just as the other officers get inside, you notice three people running up the building's fire escape.

jaredvcxz:SHOOT HIM!!!!!!

ragdollmaster: like zomg i just had my 300th a couple minutes ago!

ragdollmaster: son of a bitch, you replyed while i was uploading my screen!

now we gonna die you fool, theres three guys and they r probably armed! and a 4th guy in the building!

jaredvcxz: well, the cop was a fat, lazy person.

ragdollmaster: actually y'know what i noticed? he has da same pants n shoes as you! he could be a cop!

...:::Ben:::...: u know they might not be armed and could be more people in the building 0.o

lets wait for loofiloo :)

Well, I thought the Cop Guy's story had been pretty gay so far. Maybe he'll get another try in the future.

You fire at the fleeing criminals, and you manage to hit one of them, but soon after, the other two spot you and you get shot by one of them. Once you reach the hospital, they find that you're in a coma. So... The Cop Guy may rise again, but perhaps not.

Cop Guy's story ended in a pretty similar way to chef guy's. Both tried to attack armed people when they were outnumbered, and got shot.

Choose a new character:

Yeah, so the new option is Spaceman... Guy..... He has a buzz cut. I'm still hoping Average Guy gets a turn...

jaredvcxz: KUNG-FU JELLY!!!

LB: Yay!

ragdollmaster: honestly im surprised there wasnt much recommendation for the spaceman guy. We must destroy the CIS Sepratists! LOOK OUT CLONE TROOPERS OMFG ITS DARTH VADER RUN FOR YOU F****** LIVES SCREW THE ALLIANCE!!!!!!!!! AHHHH NOOOO INCOMING PHOTON TORPEDOS FROM TIE INTERCEPTROS! IM HIT! IM GOING DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *static*

im calm................ KILL STUPID DRODEIKAS!!!!!!!!!!

bout time we got back to kungfu and jelly dudes. i wonder if our fish have been baked yet. i guess the moon wouldnt have as much an effect as the sun but it been all night.......

i didnt mean it, drodiekas are kewl....

Rolling,Rolling,Rolling~...... " OMG CLONES TURN ON YOUR SHIELDS AND FIRE!" "Weeeeeeeeee rolling ahhhh! *hit by emp rocket*" "Nooooooo i dont want to get emped~*rolls backwards into AAT and blows up*" "Erm... (frign great, my sqaud of destroyer droids blown up...) eh hi guys? you know i respect mace windu very much and-" "TASTE THE FURY OF THE IFT-X TANK!!!!" "Yeah i dont think my sheilds gonna block a battalion of tanks... ahhhhhh~ *starts rolling backwords and gets hit by beam cannons*"

sry ive been playing a lot of Star Wars BattleFront 2. Anyways, glad we are getting back to the jelly mosnter.... hahaha its so squishy~

i like the squiqqly letter ~


ragdollmaster: ok no prob cuz im goin camping this week and... OMG JARED RUN DARTH MUALS BEHIND YOU!

jk i dont really have an addiction, i just felt random so i decided to post a bunch of star wars stuff

...:::Ben:::...: lol i dont really know what star wars really is.... do they use assault rifles ?

Matthew: No they r futureistic (did i spell that right?) they lighsabers and weird laser guns ohh yeah and those wierd fighter plane thingies

2bknown: no "e" in futuristic and a "t" in lightsabers

Matthew: ok any way ben u dont get gunz that shoot bullets in starwars they all shoot lasers

All right, here it is, return of the Kung-Fu Guy and Jelly Monster.

Now cue Monk scene 29 and so on.