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Chapter 1: A Rude Introduction

So let's begin. First item of business: Decide which character you want to be:

kylekankan2: I am the kung fu guy

ATOMIC_DUCK: I'll be chef. I form a fight force with kung-fu guy and attack a nursing home.

Uhhh..... <_____< You're all going to be the same character. It's the job of everybody to tell me how the next part of the story will develop. So here's the beginning:

You are a kung-fu monk. Today, everybody in your school decided they were tired of having you around, so it was determined that you must now go out into the world and seek wisdom or something. Whatever you're seeking, it's definitely going to be a long, possibly spiritual journey. So here you are, outside your mountaintop kung-fu school. What shall you do?

blindragdoll667: take the road to the east in hopes of finding someone who actually knows what youre supposed to be doing

A short while along the eastern path, you run into a weird old guy sitting on a weird old rock at the edge of a weird old cliff. He yells angrily at you! "Hey! Haven't you ever read one of those 'choose-your-own-adventure' books? Where they say 'if you want to do this, turn to page x'? Well you're in the same deal! You're in one of those, but there isn't a rigid set of choices to make! You just do what you think is best! This could have been the story of a police officer or a chef or something, but this is YOUR life! Maybe we'll hear about somebody else when your story comes to an end." What are you going to do next?

Does that help to clarify things at all? >_> The choice I gave you in the first post will probably be the only time I limit you to a few different things. Just imagine you opened a CYOA book and the first page said "For a story about a chef, turn to page X, for a story about a cop, turn to page Y, etc." But you're all sharing the same book.

Edit: I just thought of a possibly more helpful analogy. If you've ever played a point-&-click adventure game on the computer (Like Monkey Island or Loom) that's what this is like. So just imagine you have an unlimited disposal of actions, like "pick up" or "use" or things like that.

kylekankan2: kill the old guy and go to jail

All right, looks like we're getting on the right track.

You beat the old guy in the head with your monk staff. He's dead now, but it doesn't seem that there are any law enforcers around who wish to arrest you. If you want to be jailed, it looks like you'll have to find a prison and turn yourself in. What's the next course of action?

ATOMIC_DUCK: Look in his pockets.

This is fun!

Score! The old guy had some stuff! You found 5 gold pieces, a ninja star, and what is possibly a bottle of delicious orange soda in his pockets. Unopened too!

kylekankan2: Go back to the kung fu school and kill everyone in the world

Sure, and while we're at it, why not just blow up the earth? I don't care if you just decide to kill every person you encounter, but I'm not going to advance the story based on "kill everyone in the world." You have to do things one step at a time.

kylekankan2: go back to the kung fu school and kill everyone there

futuramaguy42: go to store

On to Chapter 2: A Dangerous Encounter