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Chapter 10: De-Rafted

With your new (somewhat disappointing) discovery, you return to the river's surface and see the raft continuing to drift down the river as it's been. Whether to the raft or not, it may be a good idea to head toward someplace to relieve yourself of that heavy half-chest. Surely it will be hard to stay afloat with such a thing! What's a monk to do?

Fox-Fool: Go to shore, check the contents of the chest, and quickly get back to your raft.

Swimming to shore is an arduous task, but you finally make it over, and kneeling in the sand looking into that gaping broken treasure chest, you see that there was actually a pretty little balloon tucked away inside! It's not all bad, right? The raft is surely moving faster than you can swim now, though whether or not you can catch up to it on foot is hard to say. There's only one way to find out... If indeed such an endeavor is worthwhile.

Chang: tie the baloon to your wrist so it doesn't fly away ;) then shout out to the guy on the raft to see if you can wake him up. if not, just continue adventure down the river the same way the raft is going. I'm sure there are some interesting caves to be explored... somewhere.

Cesar: u can sit in the half chest and use it as a lill' boat?

LB: Wow, things have really got going! I like Chang's idea.

The new Shepry and Koen could take another day or two because my friends and I have gotten caught up in intense Super Smash Bros. rounds and other such gaming events. This is mostly due to the extreme hype of Brawl coming out in about a month. It'll rekindle interest like that. We're all trying our damnedest to avoid spoilers of the secret characters and stages and stuff though.

I mean, when Melee came out, I had fewer people around to play it with, so I was pretty focused on getting things unlocked. Now I'm in a college campus with lots of friends very close by, so we can take it more in stride and just take the unlockables as they come. I bet I barely get a moment to play it alone anyway. Just when my friends have work to do and my roommate's in class (assuming I don't have work either).

Kind of going off on a tangent here, but... Still to do in SaK:
-Finish up another couple panels
-Add hands (pretty much always done at the end)
-Put it all together as one image
-Stick it online.

Though granted, I have about 25 panels explicitly planned out, I've designated two cutoff points dividing it into three comics right now. The third doesn't have a set end yet though.

Running full speed down the shore, you yell at Clyde, still asleep on the raft. He quickly wakes up, gets a look at his surroundings, and in a presumed panic, he just grabs as much stuff from the raft as he can and jumps onto a nearby rock, leaving the raft to continue down the river. Evidently the jelly monster had also reached the raft after you pulled the treasure up. Clyde says "Whoa, what happened? Did you fall off or something? And just where did you get a balloon? Well anyway... Could you help me out here? I'm not entirely sure I can get to the shore with all this stuff in my hands."

Ragdollmaster: have him throw the stuff to you one by one so he can swim over.

(And could you try to do a commentary, we haven't had one since like November?)

futuramaguy42: Tell him to go eat a taco, he looks hungry.

Clyde, the jelly monster, and the cargo make it to shore without incident. Though shortly after, Clyde says "Uh-oh, this is a bad sign." He points to the... Sign, and says "This means that those purple-masked bandits have claimed ownership of this area. Whatever we do now, we probably ought to be properly prepared for some kind of an ambush. I would think we should follow the river in the same way we've been going, but I'm not sure if it's safe. What do you think?"

futuramaguy42: Get a few sharp sticks from the trees, look for some other weapons and stuff, then go down the path.

Follow the sign
Ragdollmaster: bit suicidal without weapons >_>
and look for some tacos.
Ragdollmaster: ...are you even taking this the least bit seriously?

Can't suggest anything since I had the last one. Anyways I gotta be prepared to spring on Monk 50 so I can be in the commentary :D

futuramaguy42: Changed!

Searching around the nearby trees, you find little of use, save for one nice pointy stick. Clyde sees what you're doing and says "Oh, you're getting a weapon ready? Well that's great, but... Why don't we just use this?" as he presents a sword from his crate. "I've actually got two extras. How about that?"

Ragdollmaster: Take mine though I've already suggested one... i wanna be in the last commentary D:

Take one sword and he said he had two extras so try to get the jelly monster to absorb the blade of the extra sword for attack.

futuramaguy42: Dude, he already made the last commentary.

EDIT: EHEM, you said that guy, no mention of my name, just that guy. >:(
I think you will have to redo the commentary. :)

Chang: That is one damn lovely balloon. I wish I had a balloon like that.

Ragdollmaster: A: Where is the commentary (I'm too challenged to find it)

B: Is anyone gonna suggest anything? If you don't have any ideas just C+P my suggestion into a post (d'___'d)

I need to re-upload the commentary. It's actually on Google Video, but for some reason only the first half is there. The full video is on my hard drive, but somehow a chunk of it got lost in the uploading process.

And yeah, I thought I might point it out, but all the people posting in here have already made a suggestion in this chapter, so... We've gotta wait for a new one. Usually it's everyone else waiting on me, rather than the other way around. In the meantime though, I've got Shepry and Koen to keep me busy. I just wish I could photoshop as fast as I can write up the plans, because all that I've got down on paper right now could probably add up to ten or more comics.
Also, just between you 'n' me, I'm always wishing there was somebody who anticipated the next comic enough to start a conversation about it. Ah well...

Shook: Get a ._. style look in your face, feed the jelly with the sharp stick and grab the sword...
If that's possible in one move. Else, just go ._. and grab the sword.

To the people still checking in around here... I've been dying to work on CYOAs and Shepry and Koen all week... But for some reason, my mouse refuses to cooperate on my desk at home. It's weird, because my desk at school is like seven kinds of textured, but my dull, flat home desk makes the cursor go in all kinds of random directions. I've even tried putting the mouse on a bunch of paper to minimize anything that might be causing awkward reflections, but nothing seems to help. I'm better off here using my old trackball mouse (If I knew where it was). This optical mouse is so picky and random.

Ragdollmaster: You need to get a soft, cloth mouse pad for an optical laser mouse trooth. Same thing happened to me when I got my new mouse... I recommend Kensington, best brand that works for me (The mousepad itself is on a wooden surface, you might have problems using a reflective surface or slippery surface, like metal)

LB: Yea, you need a mouse pad because it helps keep the mouse nice an comfortable. Even if it has a picture on it it should work.


Just kidding.

I think the fact of the matter is that nobody knows what will or won't work with this mouse. I've learned that the flat desk is horrible, graph paper works slightly better, plain white paper works slightly worse than graph paper, and paper towels work better than anything else I've tried so far. I'm going back Sunday though, so it doesn't matter.

And I'm not going to buy a mousepad when there are household items that will work well enough anyway. I actually did have a mousepad at one point and it wasn't helpful.

I just realized my summer vacation is going to suck in terms of computer use... Especially since any time I try to play some kind of a first-person game here that uses w, a, s, and d, my left wrist hurts like hell after less than an hour.

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