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Chapter 11: Unnamed

Clyde presents to you a sword of your own as you don a ._. face. He says "I've got a certain optimistic feeling about this. Somehow I'd say we're sure to get out of bandit country unscarred. Let's get going!" You then feed your new sharp stick to the jelly monster, who happily gobbles it down, causing a sort of pointy protrusion to sprout from his head, while the headband/ninja star he ate much earlier is soon expelled from him. Maybe he digested it, or was just already too full, or something... Who knows? He's a mysterious creature.

Chang: well... i guess put the headband back on and just follow your boy there.

Shook: Do that, but take the shuriken off before you put on your headband :P

LORD ZEHRO: I think maybe the jelly thing can only absorb one thing at a time, so therefore we have to be tactical and plan ahead, feeding it the right equipment before each battle or whatever, say the monk goes into a cave, feed it a light, or a rope for climbing down stuff. And maybe the more we feed him he can absorb larger objects or something, just ideas though.

Anyway, i agree that the shuriken should be removed before the headband is put on, i'm not sure i remember, but did the gay say he had two spair swords, if so, the monk should duel wield!!!


Please never call me that again.

LORD ZEHRO: Bah, screw you Jared you little hoodlum!

Just giving some ideas that's all, thought i made that quite clear in my post.

But if the forum doesn't support free speech, i shall very much refrain from expressing thoughts and ideas. Yes, verily.

Jared is a *cough* SUCKUP *cough*. Ahem...

So today went... Wake up, class, nap, eat, volleyball... Three hours of volleyball... and now sleep because I have early class tomorrow. >.< Though also, I only have two classes, so mayhaps there will be time after that tomorrow!

You and your two friends set off armed and ready should you meet any fiends. As you get deeper into bandit country, the grass becomes less lush, and plants are distant and few. You eventually pass a run-down cottage, clearly in bad shape with the windows broken and holes in the wall. Whether it's just gotten worn out from the environment or pillaged by bandits, you couldn't say.

Ragdollmaster: Peek in; if there are bandits, keel them all.

EDIT: Screw, don't keep the ._. face. Put on THIS face:

Ekoz: peek in, and if there are bandits, use the whimsey capsule. oh, and loose the ._. face for a 0.o face.

futuramaguy42: OGRE SMASH!!!

Shook: I second this, although i already have done my part :P

Ragdollmaster: I have made an amendment.

LORD ZEHRO: Climb on to the roof and peek in through a crack.

An ass crack! Tee hee

lol, does anyone even come on this website anymore?

Fox-Fool: I check every now and then.

Ragdollmaster: Im in ur forums, lurkin an not postin :P

You and Clyde creep up on the shack all quiet-like, and peek into the window while looking very ?_?. The shack looks to be totally abandoned. All you see in the single room is a crate, some bare shelves, and a bed. The rest of the stuff was probably taken away.

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