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Chapter 3: Cliff Dangling

Well, here goes. It took the use of your snappy monk reflexes, but by quickly removing your headband, you manage to latch onto the little shrub. So now, having lost your staff and your bear friend, you're hanging from a tiny branch near the top of a cliff for as long as your headband holds fast. How are you going to get out of this pickle?

kylekankan2: rock climb to the top of the cliff

rock climb to the top of the cliff
ragdollmaster: i got a better idea,use the ninja star to slowly rappel down the cliff,and then look for your staff

Well, climbing a cliff at an angle greater than 90 degrees is evidently a tougher task when it's actually put into practice. All your monk strength can't even seem to get you a good grasp on the stony wall of the cliff. You may need a new plan soon, especially since you hear some not-so-nice snapping noises coming from your headband as it stretches to support you. Or maybe that's the shrub?

P.S. rappelling down the cliff using only a single ninja star sounds like quite a difficult task as well... Could you either be more descriptive or provide a better decision? =P

LB: Drink the orange drink, it could be a power drink.

ThomasG: Good idea LB!!

jaredvcxz: This i what we should do, get matteo involved

Well, he's welcome to join in at any point. =P Just like everyone else.

As a last resort, you decide to gulp down your mysterious orange drink. As you finish it off, you come to realize it has just made you turn invisible! Just then, the headband snaps from the stress, and you are once again plummeting. Is there anything left to do, or will you just have to hope for a safe landing?

P.S. I just drew the guy's outline and face for the benefit of the viewers. They aren't really still visible. =]

jaredvcxz: Then you get picked up by harry potter and buckbeack

That decision would fall under "hope for a safe landing."

jaredvcxz: so?

You see how LB said "Drink the orange drink because it COULD be a power drink?" That's how it goes. You can determine the action to take, but I determine the reaction that comes from it. So you could say "hope to land safely" or any number of other things, but I determine the outcome of what you decide. So I constantly react to your actions, and everyone else must react to my reactions.

jaredvcxz: I get it now

Then you get picked up by harry potter and buckbeack
LB: Glad to see there's another Harry Potter fan here.

ragdollmaster: hmmmm i got it!untie the broken headband and attch it like a rope to the shuriken.then hurl the shuriken into the cliff and hang on to the end of the headband

Glad to see there's another Harry Potter fan here.

futuramaguy42: hope to land safly

Thinking quickly, you tie your broken headband to your ninja star, and swing it into the side of the cliff. It's not very smooth, but you soon come to a grinding halt just above a small ledge, at which point one of the star's tips snaps off. On this ledge, there's a nest with some kind of egg in it.

futuramaguy42: hatch egg

hatch egg
LB: I agree to do that.

ragdollmaster: yea sit on the egg and hatch it!(i hope its a flying badger XD)

ThomasG: I agree

2bknown: give it orange soft drink - it might be poison

Well, a unanimous decision.

You sit on the egg for an hour or so, hoping to hurry its hatching. Eventually, your heart rises as you feel the egg begin to twitch! It is hatching! As the shell breaks away, you are amazed to see, sitting in the nest, a baby...... Purple gelatinous substance... What could this thing be? Is that a yolk? Did you break the egg? Or is it an actual animal that just came out of there? It jiggles a bit, but that might just be due to the wind.

UnknownSquid: Take a closer looker at said purple jelly baby, being sure to smile.

(These are its first moments, and as a honorable hermit mudering, bear slaying kick ass monk, we have a responsibilty to take it away from its nest and raise it. Probably for profit...)

Edit - At the same time hopeing its not a alien face hugger. :?

ragdollmaster: poke it.

Keep in mind here that you're still invisible. If this thing can see, it will just see a shirt floating around near it.

UnkownSquid: Ah... good point. An invisble smile...

Well hopefully it can read minds. (I come in peace young one)
Waves sleeve...

LB: If I could choose what to do, I'd say pick it up and hold it.

ragdollmaster: hey i got an idea- poke it a lot and it turns into a gaint flying weasle.then you take off your clothes and go destroy the world as your invisible :D


Yeah, listen to that guy.

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