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Chapter 4: Gelatinous Confrontation

You kneel down in the nest and you see that this hatchling is indeed alive. There's a bright-eyed little purple jelly creature sitting in its half-eggshell gazing lovingly at its new mommy, who appears to be a floating shirt.

You know, on two different sites, there have been five CYOAs made due to inspiration from me. =D It's good to know that so many people consider this a good enough idea to make their own. One of them has some pretty nice artwork, but I believe they're using photoshop, and not drawing everything on their own. The inventory is composed of photographs of objects. Also takes that person a tad longer to update.

UnknownSquid: (How the best way to deal with tense here? I mean people are still giveing sugestions saying "you should do..." when the monks kinda meant to be 'us'. 'We're' like a monk with a very confused case of schiophrenia (sp?). Its it best to always say 'I do this...' or what else? Just want to clear that issue up a bit. But this is loads o fun.) :)

Have a look down the cliff, looking for some way to get down.

I think it's best to either use "we" or a command, like "look over the cliff." But not "YOU look over the cliff," because it's all of you playing, not me. I'm just the narrator. I won't get mad if somebody does something like that, but I'm just saying what I think is proper in this context.

You peer off the edge of the cliff, but before you can get a good look at what's down below, you see another jelly creature! Apparently it is flying up toward its nest to visit its egg. Due to your invisibility, it hasn't spotted you yet, but it may be alarmed once it gets onto the ledge!

ragdollmaster: we back up to the cliff face and take out the ninja star flail hybrid in case it attacks us

UnknownSquid: Quick, who votes lose the clothes for better invisibility? Just set them down close to the cliff maybe?

Sure enough, the adult blob has noticed the phantom clothes walking around near its cliff nest. Your backing against the wall convinces it that it has the upper hand in this fight, and is surely ready to attack. As it angrily creeps toward you, its wings recede into the jelly composing its body.

Yisrolik: Jump over it using your spiffy monk shoes and grab the baby!

UnknownSquid: Oh my, the peril is almost too much to bear!

Jumping over kinda seems a bad idea. I say quickly take off shirt and hold it over the edge, to lure blob into pounceing off, and flick away shirt at last moment! (hope those wings don't grow too fast)

Or are we going for the first idea?

LB: Yea, we are.

UnknownSquid: :cry:
We're doomed...

Yisrolik: Not jump off the edge! JNump over the blob to grab the baby blob!

UnknownSquid: And then get pushed off. Yay! :D

Yisrolik: the blob wouldn't push us off cuz we have its baby!

UnknownSquid: Well, lets find out.

jaredvcxz: Listen to the man, fool

ragdollmaster: hey, everybody shut the f*** up,you dont know whats gonna happen because loofilo decides.

Those spiffy monk shoes prove to be quite useful, and you're able to leap over the big slime monster to grab its baby. The parent is quite shocked, and you have your flail at the ready, just in case it still attacks.

ragdollmaster: next hurl the baby off the cliff, and if the mother flies off after him, jump off the cliff onto the moms back and jump when your close to the ground

no its too far away,flip the bears body under you so it cushions your fall.jump off at the last scond before hitting the ground to counter the g-force. as a result,the bear dies and you lose "bear" from the inventory.

next hurl the baby off the cliff, and if the mother flies off after him, jump off the cliff onto the moms back and jump when your close to the ground
Yisrolik: Will you stop with the counter g-force jumping at last second thing!

UnknownSquid: hurl it off?... :shock:

ragdollmaster: yea, hurl it off and then jump on the moms back when she fly after him.this isnt for gforce either, its so she doesnt kill you when you land XD

UnkownSquid: :cry: I wanted to keep it...

ragdollmaster: oh ok ill change the message to, "Wait for baby to grow wings and fly off"

but thats sorta stupid. i wanted to keep it too but seeing the circumstances, we cant :'(

Doesn't anybody here edit posts? =P

While standing on the cliff, you come to realize something... It seems that jelly monsters are not as protective of their young as most animals. In a moment, the parent rams right into you and sends you hurtling off the cliff with its baby clutched close to you. You're not close to the cliff anymore, so is there any hope of ensuring a safe landing for you and the baby?

bonedevil: you swing the headband-ninja star around like a hellicopter [ropeller and iether hope it lets you fly or the baby gets an idea and grows a hellicopter propeller so it can fly you to safety

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