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Chapter 5: Exploration

You begin twirling your ninja star flail in the air, and the rotation seems to entice the baby jelly monster. It squirms around to your back and up your arm, then seems to absorb the flail! It soon sprouts an appendage of similar shape, and is able to spin it rapidly enough to slow your fall to a non-fatal speed. That's quite a talented youngster you've got there!

You've landed in a sort of wooded area. Directly ahead of you, you hear sounds of a village, and off to the right somewhere you hear some running water, like a stream or river. What shall you do now? Head for one of those places? Head in a completely different direction? Just screw around?

ragdollmaster: screw around with your new baby jelly monster!then go to stream to get a drink and see if washing in water will make you visible again (it'd be creepy for a floating shirt and pants to enter a town with a jelly monster :P)

EDIT:you know i was kidding when i said to wait for it to grow wings and then fly off, but w/e, since the mom wouldnt have flown for the baby, we're better off like this :)

I'm honestly surprised there was so little suggestion of removing clothes for the purposes of full invisibility. Well anyway...

Sure enough, the water of the stream is able to wash away your invisibility (in addition to some jelly you had on your hand). You spend the next little while playing with your baby jelly monster, wrestling around and stuff... But you decide to stop when it swings its flail-tentacle at you, and instead takes a chip out of a nearby tree. It evidently got too carried away in its playing.

On the other side of the river, you can see a cave, but the current is too rough for you to swim across, and you can tell that it's much too deep to wade through. There's still more exploring to do, and more fun to be had, so where shall you go next?

LB: Climb a tree to get the "Lay of the Land".

You climb to the top of a poorly-drawn tree, and you see that beyond the poorly-drawn forest, there are two villages to your left, separated by a wall, and off to the right, you see some farmland, probably using that river (just offscreen) for irrigation.

Yisrolik: Have Jelly Monster ubsorb the tree so you can have him turn into a tree any time and get the lay of the land.

The jelly monster inches over to a tree, absorbs a clump of pine needles piled around the roots, and grows some little bristles all over its body. It looks up at you with a smile, and you can tell it's trying, but a tree is probably something entirely too large for this jelly monster. Maybe someday, but a baby can't handle something like that.

LB: Tell it it can stop trying because it is not ready, and let it drink some water from that stream. It's probably hungry. You/We do the same.

ThomasG: yeah do what LB said

The blob's barbs recede, and the two of you head back to the river for a nice refreshing drink of water. It's like a scene from a bottled water commercial. Mountain stream freshness! Only most water commercials don't contain gelatinous blobs with deadly tentacles. Meanwhile, you notice that the sun will be setting soon.

LB: Fill the bottel with water, then, go to the cave and look around.

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