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Chapter 6: Into the River

After filling your bottle with fresh water from the river, you decide it'd be nice to visit that cave over thar. The jelly monster retracts its tentacle and climbs on your head as you begin to swim across. However, the current is too much! You're soon swept away, going straight down the river! And now you're headed straight for a rock! What can you do?

Note: I changed the inventory name to plain "baby jelly monster" because "baby jelly monster/headband/ninja star/pine needles hybrid" would be entirely too long.

2bknown: use the baby jelly monster to slow you down and land on the rock safely.

edit: FINALLY first to reply to this picture

Could you make that a little more specific?

2bknown: You begin twirling your ninja star flail in the air, and the rotation seems to entice the baby jelly monster. It squirms around to your back and up your arm, then seems to absorb the flail! It soon sprouts an appendage of similar shape, and is able to spin it rapidly enough to slow your fall to a non-fatal speed. That's quite a talented youngster you've got there!

Ah, so I guess you intend to use the propeller appendage like a motor? I'll get on that.

Before the two of you crash into the rock, the jelly monster is able to spin his propeller-like appendage quickly enough to slow your impact. The two of you then climb onto the rock. It's good to have stopped moving, but where will you go next? Will you be spending the night on this rock?

2bknown: first of all, you got the water, second, maybe you can use the baby jelly monster's flail thingy to catch fish in the river so you can eat them (yes spend the night on the rock)

ThomasG: Good idea!

LB: Yea, sounds good.

UnkownSquid: Curl up to sleep, with jelly inside for his protection. (and to avoid posible sliping into water)

Sometime later we should probably find new items for jelly to try absorbing, teach him new tricks. Would be good if we didn't have to rely on him to save us quite so much in future.

Damn, I just realised were a headbandless staffless monk. How un monkish! Maybe we can fix that too later on.

At first you're concerned that although you have a hook, you've got no bait to lure the fish. Since you're hungry anyway though, you decide to go ahead and try to catch some fish. In this, the baby jelly monster proves to be useful once again. Since it is apparently made of delicious jelly, you have a fish grab right onto its tentacle, not realizing that it is actually a sharp object. The evening sun provides quite a bit of heat on one side of the rock, actually making it possible to partially cook and eat a couple fish. You save one of them for later, in case you can't catch one tomorrow. With a jelly monster as a pillow, the night goes quite well, although it is quite cold in your wet clothes. Anyhow, tomorrow's another day.

NOTE: There is no suggestion for this scene because after scene 28, the Monk Guy story took a break, during which time shorter, less successful stories about a chef guy and a cop guy took place. They are probably permanently ended, and should be up in another section of the site soon.

You wake up the next day when a raft bumps softly into your rock. A man is standing there, and he says "Hey there, are you stranded? I'm on a journey to see where this river ends. Would you like to come along with me? I've got an extra pole in case you want to help push the raft along. If not, I could always drop you off on one of the banks someplace."

...:::Ben:::...: go with him

2bknown: ask him if there is a waterfall cuz when u got pushed from the river's force, there must be a waterfall somewhere...

Nah, they don't necessarily have to have a waterfall. I've been in rivers that have a strong enough current to keep you from going upstream or standing still, but certainly no waterfalls.

go with him
ragdollmaster: good idea!

Fox-Fool: Going with him is good but not very specific...

LittleGreenMan: I have differing opinions,
I think he should get on the guys boat and use his stick to kill him.

oh, and of course feed him to the purple stuff

...:::Ben:::...: uhh it may be a good choice, but that guy was being nice :roll:

and loofiloo takes the first choice, so uhh tough luck... i always get that :(

LittleGreenman: That's not fair cuz I'm new, but I'll just wait

ThomasG: I agree with ben go with him! he may be some help and if he isnt, then just kill hi mand steal his raft!

That's not fair cuz I'm new, but I'll just wait
...:::Ben:::...: uhh its tough being new *wink*

but you just have to post really quickly, most of the time i don't get it and thats a good thing, i ruined one whole story about a chef :P

The other guy says "Welcome aboard! My name's Clyde. You just make yourself at home on my raft. We may be in for a long journey, but who knows? I'm partly traveling down this river to map it out for posterity... But I'm also in search of a great fabled monster with a big hoard of treasure. You seem like the adventurous type, so do you suppose you'd be up for helping me out? If you want, there are some supplies in my luggage you may find useful on the trip. There's a good amount of food, and I think I might even have another snazzy hat you could wear!"

wizarddresden: agree to go with him in search of the monster and check out his luggage for anything useful...and get a hat

...:::Ben:::...: gr8 idea, also get one of those bobby hats

Sorenator: yeah. good idea.

LB: Welcome to the forums

Sorenator: Thanks for welcome.

boberick2: hey this is my first post i just spent the last hour reading this topic. anyway i want to hav a go so reply with the nexst scenario soon cause i want a go. im bored im starting off my own, nice idea e-mail me if you dont want me to. :lol:

Supermonstar: WELCOME TO THE FORUMS!!!

Always wanted to say that...

boberick2: lol, noobie and proud. :P (me, cause im new.)

Shook: Yeah, welcome to the forums Boberick2 :D

ragdollmaster: dont worry youll be un-n00bed in notime...i joined in january (2007) and i have almost 430 posts already. Soon youll become like an old friend :P


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