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Chapter 7: A Journey onto Shore

Boy, there sure are lots of spinoffs emerging from this...

Looking in the first bag, you just find some assorted fruit, some rope, and a few clay mugs. There's also a nice red hat that you take out and put on your head. As you're searching though, a big purple lizard suddenly comes out of the water and lands on your raft!

LB: Ask it what it wants, and kill it if it is dangerous.

ragdollmaster: good idea lol

wizarddresden: yeah, you could hit it with that giant stick that's behind you :)

boberick2: eat it and crap it into the river!

You try to interrogate the lizard, but it seems uninterested in conversation. It just sort of hisses at you and begins to walk forward. Shortly after, Clyde smacks it back into the water with his pole. He then says "You probably ought to be more decisive. If I were you, I wouldn't take any chances with the wildlife, particularly when it has big teeth and claws. Let's hope this river isn't too densely populated by lizards, eh? Say, maybe we should try setting up a lure in the water. Maybe we'll catch some kind of new species of animal. What do you think? Might be something to do..."

wizarddresden: Use the rope from the bag, tie one end to some fruit and the other to that pole on the raft.

ragdollmaster: ...and use it as a fishing pole!!

wizarddresden: Exactly!

Fox-Fool: )=('_')

YAY!!! time to FISH!!!!!!!

I know it's been a while since the last update... But I've got something new and big planned for the next scene... And possibly all other scenes from now on!



ThomasG: YAY!

LB: Hey ThomasG, are you only posting in this thread?


am i close?

LB: I bet he's got animated pictures, look at his avatar!

Shook: It might as well be a gif, but i still like it! :)

Well.... I WOULD have something better planned for the new picture... If I could figure out how this program is supposed to work. >____> Technical difficulties... Please stand by.

Fox-Fool: Please hurry...
I'm getting impatient :(

boberick2: hey i didn't know you could put flash on these or am i wrong? o well pm me to tell me im a newbie i can only put animated gifs on my cyoa :( cough*http://forums.ragdollsoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=1301&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=15

You're getting things ready to make a fishing line, but Clyde soon says "Wait, put a hold on that. I see a mysterious-looking cave up ahead, and that might be where our monster is!" He directs the raft to the shore and points it out to you. "Let's get ready to raid!"

ATOMIC_DUCK: Go to the cave and lure the monster out with some fish.

Xap: That sounds like a good idea.

EDIT: Hmm... smileys aren't working.

Oh yeah... You Blitwise folks oughta know that I've got smilies disabled. =P I'm planning to make my own, if possible.

Xap: Ah, ok. Well, I hope you make some soon! I tend to be dependant on smilieys to portray my expressions. ;)

ATOMIC_DUCK: I like to use the super cool ones. ^_^

Everlast: I like the purple blob, and I suspect that Trooth isn't just using MS Paint anymore :wink:

I like to use the super cool ones. ^_^
Ragdollmaster: aha i knew you were being sarcastic when you said youd never join! lol

???revived: Not really sure where to put this, but hello and stuff... If you're from BlitWise, you'd probably recognize me...

jstrok7: Hehe, me to but...
I haven't read the new story but I will, so I can watch both of them . :)

Nice website and forum Loofiloo ! ;)
Glad you got it running...

Chang: If you're gonna raid a monster's cave, you're probably going to wanna have a weapon of some kind. You'll probably wanna take that stick with you.

You approach the cave and toss your fish from earlier in front of it, hoping to lure out the fearsome beast. You and Clyde duck into the nearby shrubberies and wait... After a minute or so, you see no beast, but some weird little capsule pops out of the cave and lands by the fish. Suddenly... BANG! It explodes! No more poorly-drawn fish for your eyes to suffer through! Fish chunks are now all over the place, but you still aren't sure whether the explosive came from the monster or what...

???revived: So you just reply as normal?

If so, then enter the cave...

futuramaguy42: whoa, gnarly 3d effects :D

Chang: BANG you say?!?!

LB: I would have said grab that ornament hanging from the tree...

futuramaguy42: the ornament is a bomb of course

I was afraid it looked too much like an ornament. >_< That's supposed to be a fruit.

LB: Oh... :oops:

futuramaguy42: is it an explosive fruit?

You step into the cave, and inside is a strange little man standing behind a table covered with assorted gadgets. He greets you "Why hello there! I was SURE two intelligent-looking guys like yourselves wouldn't be able to resist a demonstration like that. You two know a deal when you see it, eh? Well, here at Barto's Adventuring Emporium, we've got nothing but good deals for travelers like you! Perhaps you'd be interested in some Whimsy Capsules™, producing a different effect every time! Maybe a Mystical Chain Sphere™ for... Well, YOU know what it's for, am I right? Or perhaps some Spring-loaded Footsticuffs™ to help you reach heights you never thought possible (both metaphorically and now, with the new model, physically!). If not, then how about your very own potion mixer, always convenient for any wanderer? Just what would you folks be willing to give me for any of these fine items?"

ATOMIC_DUCK: Buy those ecstasy pills.
Edit: Whimsy Capsules.

futuramaguy42:trade the slime thing for cash

Ragdollmaster: *gasp* YOUR A MADMAN! the slime has proven really useful.... Anyways before getting those pills or anything for that matter, ask the man what each item is

I've made a fully new set of smilies, but due to some kind of fluke of a phpBB error, I can't get them uploaded to my board. I may be able to get it worked out, but it looks like we'll be going smileyless for a little while. You guys can manage with text, right?
LB: Yea... but I hope you can get them up...

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