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Chapter 8: Dealings and Stealings

You put the jelly monster up on the table, but Barto does not appear too enthusiastic about it. He says "Hey, I don't know about this. Can this thing do anything interesting? It just looks like an ordinary blob... I mean, I've got the deluxe model in the back, so I probably don't have a need for this. This is top-quality adventuring equipment you're dealing with here! If you want a Whimsy Capsule, it'll be 5 gold pieces each... Or something of equal or greater value." Clyde says "I really have to question this guy's legitimacy. Just look, he's in a cave in the middle of nowhere. And is there really any such thing as a deluxe jelly monster? If you REALLY want any of this stuff, I think I have more gold back on the raft."

futuramaguy42: Keep the jelly monster and get the gold from the boat. Then tell him to show us the deluxe jelly monster. If it is real and we have enough money buy it. If we don't just buy a capsule thing. Don't trade jelly by ANY MEANS.

LittleGreenMan: If he's lying, kill him red cap.

Chang: wow... that turned out to be very anti-climactic...

You head back to the raft, and Clyde lends you 10 of his gold pieces to spend at Barto's shop. He decides to stay with the raft this time though, because he doesn't really trust that guy. Jelly monster stays behind too, perhaps for worry of being sold. When you get back to the cave and question Barto about the deluxe jelly monster, he says "Hey now, that thing's not for sale. I can't show it to just anybody, y'know. For all I know, you're a ruthless bandit. Now if you'll just take your capsule, I'll be leaving. I think we've both spent more time here than we need to." And with that, he uses another of his capsules and with a puff of smoke, Barto and his mysterious wares have vanished. Nothing's left but the table.

futuramaguy42: I told the jelly monster i wouldn't sell him. Anyway, break one of the table legs off to use as a weapon and go back to the boat. Sail away or explore the island more. Someone else can decide that. Also tell jelly monster we weren't going to sell him/her/it.

And examine the pill.

someone: i like the jelly thing.

Fox-Fool: Go back to the boat and examine the pill.

On your way back to the raft, you decide to get a better look at this capsule, perhaps figuring out what it may do. All you see written on it though, is the text "Keep out of reach of children. Do not eat. Not a suppository. ESPECIALLY not a suppository." A few minutes later though, several yards from the raft, you spot some suspicious activity! It looks like bandits are taking Clyde's stuff! What shall you do?

Ragdollmaster: Yell for the jelly to absorb the cage, inside out and run towards the bandits. Through the bottle at the head of the guy who's holding the blade up to clydes body

Canieo: But jump in the air at the same time as you throw it.

The jelly monster doesn't absorb the cage for some reason or another when you shout, either because it can't or because it doesn't understand what you're saying. The bandits look in your direction just as you fling the bottle of water at one of them. The bottle hits him right in the nose, and he falls to the ground, presumably unconscious. The bottle didn't break though (strong stuff) and Clyde seizes the opportunity to pick up a pole from the raft, which he uses to hit the other bandit in his arm. The bandit drops the jelly monster's cage, but he still has a sword in his hand at the ready. What'll be the next move?

Shook: Quickly pick up the bottle of water and knock him out with it.


Quickly pick up the bottle of water and knock him out with it.
Supermonstar: YEA!!!

Ragdollmaster: NO! DA BOOZE! ( oh wait its water? ) Yeah go ahead ^_^

Supermonstar: YEA!!!

I gotta stop saying that...

I guess if taken out of context, it might look like one of the bandits got drunk. He IS lying unconscious on the ground next to a bottle. =P

Shook: Lol, you're right! ^_^ That vicious drunkard...

You reach over for the bottle on the ground, but the bandit, seeing he's outnumbered, begins to run away! You chase after him a short while with the bottle, but Clyde is sooner able to knock him down with the long pole. Should he be pursued any further, or will you take some other course of action?

LittleGreenMan: Hit him in the head. Then push him into the water with his friend. Then sail down the water further.

Ragdollmaster: Edit your post so that we get the machetes too!

2bknown: kill him and search in both of their pockets (don't you remember?!!)

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