Welcome to Troothful Tales! If this is your first time here, you might just be wondering what a Troothful Tale is. Well, why not start from the beginning? They were originally known as CYOAs, due to inspiration drawn from choose-your-own-adventure stories. However, Troothful Tales are different. For one thing, a typical CYOA limits you to a few choices in ways to progress the story. In the TTs, you, the viewer, basically decide on any action based on your own judgment, and I will illustrate the next scene based on the decision made. It's like an interactive story.

How do I join in?

If you want to be a part of the stories, you'll have to sign up for the forums. The forums are the real meat of the site. Signing up is quick, easy, and most importantly, free to all. If you join the forum, you'll have such benefits as seeing the latest updates before they hit the main site, and meeting all kinds of people who hang out there. The forum section labeled "The Current Story/News" is the place to go for the latest parts of the stories.

Can I really tell you to draw ANYTHING?

For the most part, but there ARE some conditions.

1. I don't accept thoroughly stupid suggestions. Let's say the main character is caught in a room with a madman holding a knife. Some examples of stupid suggestions would be "Make your own head explode" or "kill the whole world."

2. People can't make up the next part of the story on their own. In the above situation, you couldn't say "Then Superman crashes through the wall and saves you! You jump on his back and fly through town where Godzilla is tearing things up!"

3. Don't make too long of a suggestion. It should be something I can easily illustrate. Using the same example situation, here's something unacceptable: "Throw your shoe at the guy, then run up and try to fight the knife away from him. Then if you can get it, stab him in the leg and run into the next room to escape. In there, set up a barricade so he can't reach you, and see if there's any way out, possibly through a window."

4. Don't be too vague. Don't say something like "kill the guy" or "hit the guy." There are dozens of different ways to draw both of those, and while I'd probably just make something up given such a suggestion, it's more fun if the users utilize some of their own creativity.

FASCINATING! Tell me more!

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