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Chapter 1: A Deadly Morning

First of all, somebody will have to decide for me who the main character in this adventure will be. I'm not sure who it should be about. This'll be the only time I limit you to a few specific choices, so don't worry.

Grif392: Pirate guy, but he needs an eyepatch/

This pirate is a newb. He has not yet earned his eyepatch. Or a peg leg for that matter. So here goes:

You are a pirate. You wake up one day in your piratey bed sitting in your small, somewhat stinky pirate cabin to the sounds of the captain yelling at you. "YARRR!! Wake up! Ye need t' be swabbin' the deck! We be reachin' shore soon!" Sounds like he's angry. What will you do?

Grif302: Get out of bed, and check the drawers on the desk, naturally.

[what font is that? It's neat]

In the drawers of your desk, you find your standard-issue pirate knife (which is quite dirty, and not too sharp) as well as your money pouch, which contains the three gold pieces you earned last week.

NOTE: If you're interested in the font about which Grif inquired, check here.

Kalphite: You go outside with the mop and start moping the deck really sloppily!

You grab your faithful ol' mop and head out onto the deck to engage in your swabbing duties. You're kinda all over the place with it though, not really caring. After all, you'll be docking soon, and by then the captain will probably forget all about how you're supposed to be swabbing. Regardless, your mop dries up after a couple minutes of swabbing, so unless you want to get the bucket and keep going, you'll need to find another way to occupy your time until you reach shore.

Was It Me?: You get out your dirty and dull pirate knife and begin sharpening it.

Your mop dried up, you decide to upgrade your knife by making it less dirty and dull. You don't really have proper sharpening tools at hand, so you decide it best to just scrape it against the doorknob to your cabin. After a short time of diligent scraping, you've removed some of the dirt, and you notice the captain approaching your vicinity. He starts yelling "YARR!! Quit scrapin' that knob! Drop the anchor ye scurvy-- YAAAAAHHHHH!!!" He slips on the deck you just swabbed, and falls over the rail to his death! At the same time, the ship reaches shore, and the rest of the crew prepares to leave the boat, but they have not yet noticed the captain. What will you do now?

???revived: Tell the crew that the captain has gone for a 'swim'.

zetablack: Go down to the captains body take his clothes and be the captain!

Demyx: Take charge of the ship, and continue sharpening le knife.

Kalphite: Hmmm which one will it be?

I'll update the story based on the suggestion of the first person to post after me, unless they either don't make a suggestion or say something dumb like "I kill myself so this stupid story will end."
Was It Me?: Well, it sounds like it would be ???revived's...

Kalphite: Oh yeah i forgot about that :P Boy this is fun, maybe i can help out with the items, im good with digital photoshop stuff, so that might be a possibility :P

On to Chapter 2: Stinging Foil