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Chapter 10: Catch That Pygmy!

You begin stabbing and cutting away at the vines ensnaring you with the bloody crystal that was still in your pocket, but when you're about halfway done, most of the vines snap on their own and you fall to the ground with a thump. Once you stand up, you notice both a very large flower nearby and what seems to be a pair of odd eyes staring at you through the thick foliage. What should you do now?

ATOMIC_DUCK: Cautiously approach the eyes, being sure not to make any sudden movements.

Ragdollmaster: and if it jumps out at you, grab it with the crystal arm since it seems durable ( and even if it gets destroyed, you wouldn't feel it right? ) and if you can grab the creature ( if it's a threat ) kill it with the crystal

At the same time you approach the pair of eyes, the pair of eyes approaches you. Looks like they belong to some kind of strange funny-looking little man.

???revived: Ha, I definitely got this one.
Ask the little guy what's wrong with his hair...

futuramaguy42: Thats a really stupid idea.
Do not get him angry. Ask him to befriend you and help you on your quest.

???revived: But it looks as if he had a mohawk or something similar and it got scorched somehow. Surely asking about weird hair is a fine way to start a conversation...

futuramaguy42: He might not even speak English.

Ragdollmaster: ladies, ladies, it's obvious we should kill him and roast him for food! ..... no? okay, maybe he belongs to some tribe of midgets and if he speaks English have him lead you to his tribe for food!

I'm pretty surprised nobody has wanted to reclaim the bandana, now that it's been rediscovered.

???revived: I love it when people think that everybody knows English...

Maybe The Pirate doesn't know English. O_o Maybe I just serve as his interpreter!

Ragdollmaster: Yeah, pirates weren't english! That's a myth, like the number 49, or north dakota...... ( i have no clue why i said that O_O )

ATOMIC_DUCK: I think ???revived had a fine idea.

Ragdollmaster: Lemme guess- today you decided to try crack?

???revived: Aw come on. Don't take these story things so seriously. While we can make decisions on what the protagonist ought to do, ultimately it's Loolifoo's choice on whether these decisions of ours are going to put the aforementioned protagonist in a better or worse situation than the one before. From my suggestion, the weird little guy might see that as the ultimate compliment and make the pirate guy a god to their tribe or something similar. You never know... :P

futuramaguy42: GET THE BANDANNA!!!!!! P.S can we have the smileys back?

???revived is right. Sometimes the decisions that seem stupid just give the stories a more exciting twist. If it hadn't been for Atomic Duck's decision to have The Monk hug the bear that was attacking him, he might've never met the jelly monster. There probably won't be smileys in the near future. I haven't really given the subject a whole lot of work anyway. I mean, they're all made and everything, but some kind of technical error is keeping them from getting online.

futuramaguy42: Can we have regular smiley's until you get those up?

LittleGreeMan: Looks like an Ewalk (or however you spell it) from Star Wars. Tell him, "Ou cha!

Ragdollmaster: he doesnt look like an ewok... if he was an ewok, he'd be covered with fur and look like a mini-wookie

Michaelio: beat the little guy with his fists of fury

LittleGreeMan: Hug the ewok!

When you try to strike up a conversation about the guy's hair, he doesn't seem too interested. He mostly just makes some grunting noises, then waves his spear at you a few times. He then snatches the pouch off your belt and begins to run away toward another path through the jungle! What action should you take?

futuramaguy42: Get the dirty little midget! But first get your bandanna.

ATOMIC_DUCK: If I can try to suggest something, use the crystal on your hand to attack him in some way. Not a fatal injury, but something that will say 'Hay that be my pouch.'

With your bandana once again donned, you feel renewed, like a new pirate guy! You begin to chase the thieving little man through the jungle. Within moments though, you come to a grinding halt, as he seems be be getting eaten by a large carnivorous plant. What shall you do now?

???revived: Take that spear and poke him hard in those arms (or are they legs?) to see if he's alive...

Ragdollmaster: Take the spear yeah, and kill the plant

You quickly snatch up the little dude's spear, and in a dazzling display of pirate might, you stab the plant, causing the bulb part to break off and spit the guy out. He sits there on the ground dazed, as anybody probably would be, and covered in plant goop (also as anybody probably would be). Other than that, he doesn't seem to be harmed.

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