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Chapter 11: The Spoils of Victory

After the fearsome encounter with the vicious plant, you pick up the frightened little man and give him a big hug, to which he seems oblivious. In a moment he just faints, maybe due to the altercation with the plant, or perhaps some kind of toxin in its slime, or... Maybe just the weight of the world on his shoulders! At any rate, he's dropped the pouch, so what comes next?

Ragdollmaster: Pick up his pouch and find a place to spend the night

LB: And bring him with you.

Cesar: pick up the pouch and secretly put it away somewhere in your pocket.
if he asks where his pouch is, say "the plant ate it". and then yes, go find a place to spend the night.

Chang: I would suggest that you use a vine to tie it around the midget's foot and just drag him around. Saves a ton of time and effort. And gives you a free hand.

After your great triumph, you collect yourself (and the pygmy's self) and decide to head off into the jungle in search of some shelter. It's been quite a day after all. Your pouch is once again on your belt, in addition to the pygmy's spear. Quite a useful pirate utility belt you have, eh? You spend some time traversing the foliage, and before you find shelter, you find a trail on which a couple of guys are carrying a treasure chest. They're presumably your shipmates, and one of them greets you "Ahoy thar! I see ye caught yerself a pygmy. Nasty little buggers they are. One of 'em snatched my knife right outta my hand and ran off with it. I dunno how ye managed to knock one out, but what're ye gonna do with 'em? Take 'em back to the ship with the loot?"

Chang: I still think you should use a vine as a rope and just drag the thing around. Saves much more time and effort and gives you a free hand too. Anyways, find out of there was any other treasure that they couldn't carry so you can go back for it. And if you can, see if you can shield bash someone on the way there.

Fox-Fool: Ask what they have...

You put the pygmy on the ground and soon find a vine to tie to him. Meanwhile you ask this new pirate about additional treasure, and he says to you, "Sure, there's a good bit left back where we came from, but there's also a good bit o' pygmies back that way. You could try and get some more, but I wouldn't be takin' the risk."

LittleGreenMan: Be perfectly satisfied with what you have, and use your awsome pirate skills to locate the location of your original ship! I wonder what happened, is the chest still there?

With the other two pirates carrying the chest, you return to the ship. A couple of pirates are already there with their assorted treasures, gathered around the captain, still lying in the water. One of them says "You know guys... Honestly, I don't think the captain is getting up anytime soon. We probably ought to just decide for ourselves what to do with our stuff. We could always bury it, or keep stuff in our own rooms... Do we really need to be captained?"

ATOMIC_DUCK: Take all of the captains stuff, and build a shelter.

Chang: why? get on the ship, spread the treasure out and find another island to loot.

jaredvcxz: turn the blood on the bloody crystal to red

You gather up all of the dead captain's assorted crap, and begin looking for a way to build a shelter. You find tree that looks like it'd be good for shelter structure, but since your arms are so full of captain clothing and a pygmy, there's no way for you to acquire this wood. Looks like a change of plans is in order. What's it going to be?

Note: There's a director's commentary video for this picture. You can see it in the Extras section.

Fox-Fool: Drop the excess clothing and get some firewood.
Making a fire with the wood would be reasonable, but makes my thing too long :(
Or does it?

EDIT: Made shorter,

Drop the excess clothing and get some wood for your fire :D

Cesar: wow........

well, i dont have a free hour of my life to listen to your crap, so i speeded it a bit up :P
you sound really funny when you talk 4 times as fast....
( nah, kidding, i laghed my ass off...)

anyway, drop your crap on the ground and get the spear to chop off some woood of the tree....or sumthing

edit: make a video next week too :P

Is it worth a little added wait to have the commentary? I could do it more often if people are actually going to watch, but as I mentioned several times in the video, I doubt people will watch the whole thing if it's that long. =P Plus, stuff like this will eat up space on my hard drive. I might have to buy some blank DVDs to store these videos so I can delete them from my computer.

If I had more of an idea of how many people watched this, and how much they watched, I'd have a better idea of how often I should do it.

Chang: hahahaha, it's so hilarious when I call. You're just like "oh hell"

jaredvcxz: you use audacity too? i made the meowmix song with my voice once, got deleted... accidentally... screw windows...


ATOMIC_DUCK: Someone youtube that shit!

My computer wont read it.

jaredvcxz: let's just say he hates you now

it froze at 41:11...

I blame the problems on Macintosh and Jared's computer, respectively. It's too bad, because both of you guys are mentioned in the video. Especially AD.

futuramaguy42: Button up that jacket.

jaredvcxz: i'm downloading it instead(firefox can hack like that ^_^)

wtf it's a wmv but windows media playah can't open it

Shook: Get Windows Media Player 11 D: (I had to do that...)
I only watched the first 10 minutes of it, but that's mostly because it froze, and
i can't get it to go fast forward...

I tried to switch it to .avi, but that made it change from about 200 MB to about 35 GB, and that is NOT cool.

futuramaguy42: I WATCHED THE WHOLE THING!!!! The video and sound quality was pretty good. I could here the roommate but I could barely here Chang.

jaredvcxz: I just remembered that you sound like my bro...

sorry for my constant doubleposting but i have camstudio now because of your inspiration, good thing it's free

@chang: you and everybody else...

LittleGreenMan: jaredvcxz, I have a mac and view it perfectly. it's defiatly not macintosh... Do you have the latest Flip4Mac WMV?

(I'm a little confused on wether or not you could open it...)

AD's the one with the Mac, not Jared.

Shook: I just wonder how the HELL you could get a 1 hour video to be only 200 MB...
I have a 30 sec. clip from Hammerfall (The game), and it is 100 MB O_o
I'd like to know how i could possibly compress it...

Edit: Wait, imma trying to DivX it...

LittleGreenMan: Opps, wrong name... Then Atomic_Duck, do you have the latest Flip4Mac WMW?

ATOMIC_DUCK: Hells no.
My crappy computer doesn't need anymore useless things installed.

LittleGreenMan: You callin you computer "crappy"? And you have a mac? How does that work? Is it like a G3? Or G4 Powerbook? Just grabe 400 dollars, and buy your self a newwer one of it's that old...


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