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Chapter 12: The Victory Spoiled

Once your excessive garments are discarded, all there is to do is get firewood from the tree in front of you. It isn't an easy task, but using a combination of sheer will and piratey manliness (or manly pirateyness, you decide) you shortly have a respectable amount of wood to start a fire on the beach. It took a lot of work and caused your little spear to break, but hey, that's more wood for the fire! As for actually starting a fire... That might take more than manliness alone.

ATOMIC_DUCK: Wait for the small man to wake up.

Shook: Rub the firewood with such intense manliness that they're forced to burst into
flames, even though they are wet-ish.

Setting the firewood aside, you take a seat on the beach and wait for the pygmy to wake up. After a handful of minutes, he finally does, and it's quite a show. He looks around, realizes he no longer has his mighty spear, but rather that he's sitting in front of a big pirate with the spear broken, and then immediately tries to run away, tripping himself on the vine. Even after falling flat on the sand, he's flailing around trying to get away as quickly as possible.

ATOMIC_DUCK: I'm thinking buttseckz, but I already replied, so...

jaredvcxz: I'll do it for you: Make him have buttseckz with you.

Shook: Try to give him the impression that you aren't dan- No, wait, that you won't hurt him. Pirates are always dangerous. But try.

futuramaguy42: I don't think forced butseckz would help us to become friends with the tribe person.

jaredvcxz: There IS the possibility of him being gay.

Ragdollmaster: That's still rape Jared :P And pirates aren't good at sex.

futuramaguy42: Why do you know that? LMAO.

Ragdollmaster: I know it through logic F42. :P 1, they'd get no practice spending most their life on a ship with other guys (unless they were gay but even there it doesn't mean they'd make it to that level :P) 2, they steal money and sink ships for a living, 3, they aren't exactly the romantic type

Shook: Pirates possibly rape women as well, so i can't see why he shouldn't hump the pygmys ass :P
Just kidding, but still, try to look as friendly as possible. If a pirate can do that. Else, threaten to step on his face if he continues to fail around.

Chang: cook it and eat it. you could use the food. ;)

Ragdollmaster: MESSAGE: Loofy is being consumed by his desire to make something random as an excuse to delay the next pic (for further reference, click here

That and Mabinogi, holy crap.

futuramaguy42: Go swimming.

threaten to step on his face if he continues to fail around.

LB: Good plan.

As the pygmy struggles and flails around in the sand, you determine that you need to get him calmed down. You try to get closer, sit in the sand and reason with him, but he continues to struggle like a madman until the vine snaps! He runs off down the beach with a little vine still on his foot (strong pirate knots, you know) and you try to follow him, and tell him you won't hurt him, but he's still getting away!

Chang: throw the log at his head and knock him out. once you do that you may need to torture him when he wakes up... no particular reason other than the fact that you happen to be a pirate.

Trying to slow down/stop/knock out the fleeing pygmy, you throw your piece of firewood at him, but it falls far too short to strike him! Perhaps wearing the eye patch has thrown off your depth perception. As he continues to outrun you, he finds his way to that inexplicable platform used by people getting onto and off of your ship (while there's no visible connection to either). Now the crew might find him, or he might run off and hide somewhere, or he might just get scared and run back. One cannot know.

Fox-Fool: Run up the platform and use the vine as a whip to trip his legs.

Cesar: Yell at the crew: "HOLD THAT PIGMEY" and when you get there after your mates catched the pigmey, you're gonna ask him a few serious questions >:(

Ragdollmaster: Run up after him and use the vine if he tries to move past you or if he jumps off

You try desperately to chase the pygmy up the platform, but by the time you get up there, he's already out of sight. Did he go above deck? Below deck? Into a cabin? Overboard? OR WAS HE A FIGMENT OF YOUR IMAGINATION THE WHOLE TIME?! While standing there scratching your head, the crew starts whispering distracting things like "Is that the captain?" "He looks like the captain." "But isn't he dead?"

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