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Chapter 2: Stinging Foil

Whoa, I didn't realize there'd be so many replies. Anyway yeah, we're going with the first idea.

As the crew members are walking down the ramp to get off the ship, you rush over and quickly tell them your ever-so-convincing story of you sharpening your knife as the captain walked over and told you he's going swimming before the ship docks, and that everyone should go on without him, and he'll catch up later. At that point, everybody turns their head to see the captain lying face-down in knee-deep water, completely motionless. Then they turn back to you and stare for several awkward moments. Finally one of them speaks up and says "Well, we've got orders from the captain. Let's go on and see what booty we can find, then meet him back here to see what else he wants us to do." With that, every crew member begins to head in a different direction toward the jungle. What are you going to do?

Was It Me?: You go back onto the ship and into the captain's cabin to rummage around for useful or interesting stuff.

Kalphite: wow this is really good! Nice work loo

While the rest of the crew exercise their piratey instincts and hunt for booty on a mysterious island, your piratey instincts lead you to hunt for booty in the recently deceased captain's cabin.
Oh no! Foiled! It seems that the captain was able to lock his cabin door before he went for his "swim." Apparently he was thinking ahead for when you docked. And just what kind of unkind captain doesn't give every pirate the key to his cabin?

Was It Me?: You go down to the captain's body and... relieve him of his key. Then, you try the door again.

Foiled again! For some reason or another, the key doesn't appear to be anywhere on the captain's body. It MIGHT have been in his hat, but that has gone and drifted off into the ocean. What to do now?

Was It Me?: You attempt to use your newly sharpened knife to render the captain's lock useless. You feel as though you must get in there somehow, as your plans seem to be foiled and foiled again. :P There must be something of significance in there.....

All right, this update took a little longer, but I think it'll be worth it. ;)

Ever the determined pirate, you take your semi-sharp knife and start jabbing and prodding away at the door to the captain's room. After at least ten minutes of frustration, you finally get a click, and the door is open!


Imposter: Give the bees a gold piece and ask them to team up with you.

jstrok7: Run to the water, so the bees leave the captain's room, after that you come back to the capitan's room and close the door so the bees can't go back in the room, and if there are some bees in room, be a man and do not fear of the bees, kill some bees if they attack you.

Zwaken: Use your strength to rip off the door and smack the bees wtih it :P

Was It Me?: I'm going to stop being foiled.

No, seriously, take jstrok7's idea.

Imposter: WIM, you not like my idea?

Was It Me?: These bees aren't smart enough... sorry. :P

I was wondering... why is there a swarm of bees in the captain's cabin anyway?

???revived: The captain eats honey.

This is getting off topic...

Well, as the rule goes, I take the first suggestion.

When you take into consideration that you are a pirate, you'd think that your offering of a gold piece is quite generous to the bees. They seem to have a different opinion though, and they continue to swarm. A few have even stung you now. Perhaps a change of plans is in order?

(Still 3 gold because the bees did not accept the offer.)
(Update was a bit delayed due to sickness. D=)

Was It Me?: Now take jstrok7's idea. :P

[Refer to the comments of the previous scene to read his idea]

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