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Chapter 3: Mysterious Substances

That's a pretty long post to fit into one picture. =/ But here goes.

You decide to spend some time wading around in the shallow water near the beach, waiting for the bee swarm to die down. After some waiting, the bees finally subside, and you can pretty safely enter the captain's room having endured just a few bee stings. You can now see that the captain always kept a crate of bees right in front of the door, and you pulled the crate open with a rope.

Sure, the rope wasn't there earlier... But you were too freaked out by the bees to notice!

Looks like the captain has a nicer bed than you, (well-made as well) and also a chest at the foot of it. Looks like it's completely unguarded too! =O

Grif392: Check the chest for traps.

i'm smart

Kalphite: And then if none, open it

Everlast: How did the captain not set off the bees when he went in to his room? Did he climb through the window?

???revived: Maybe they recognized him and were his friends, or something...

Was It Me?: Well, if they were smart enough to do that, then they'd have been smart enough to take the gold piece. :P

Uhhh... More delays might be in store while I take time off to finish reassembling my mind.

Well, if they were smart enough to do that, then they'd have been smart enough to take the gold piece. :P
???revived: True, but maybe it's because they respond to rapid movement (eg. panic), and since the pirate guy wasn't expecting there to be any bees, he panicked and ran. The captain would've known they were there, and thus not be frightened by them, resulting in them not swarming after him...

Was It Me?: Which begs the question... How did the captain get the bees back into the crate after opening his door? :P

???revived: I prefer not to delve into the mysteries of the universe too much...

Well, before my story gets TOO over-analyzed, I suppose I oughta update.

With your pirate infiltrato-skills, you thoroughly examine this chest, and you come to find that if the chest opens far enough for you to get a hand in there, some weird-looking green gas will spray out of the chest in all directions. You certainly had a paranoid captain, eh? But then again..... One of his crew members IS currently raiding his cabin. =P

Was It Me?: Hey, the captain is dead. As a pirate, doesn't that release his stuff into the up-for-grabs domain? :P

You open the chest and very quickly dash out of the cabin, leaving the door open behind you to let the gas dissipate.

If anyone thinks this is a bad idea, please offer an alternate suggestion before I make us inhale some pernicious substance.

Grif392: Open the window before opening the chest.

Imposter: You might not want to do that incase the gas is acidic and will melt the contents of the cheast when it reacts with oxygen.

Was It Me?: Not likely, because there was probably already oxygen inside the chest. That is... unless these are some incredibly high tech pirates. :P

Everlast: Hey, look at the Pirates of the Carribean, they got ships that are uncanninglly fast, triple cannon guns, and the "Flying Dutchman" can sink itself..........without sinking.....

Zwaken: Throw the cest through the window then open it...no one will kno :P

Well, this is a time to use the airbrush tool if ever there was one.

You open the chest, then quickly dash out of the room as probably-toxic fumes begin to billow into the room and out the door. The bees have evidently fled the scene, and now you probably just need to wait for the gas to dissipate before reaping the rewards of the captain's chest! What will you do in the meantime?

Everlast: Climb to the crows nest to see if you can spot the other crew members who went into the jungle.

Demyx: Raid the rooms of other crew members.

Zwaken: Just...wait...

All righty, now that the gas is getting out into some open air, it's only a matter of time before you can snag some real goodies from the captain's room. In the meantime, you head for the crow's nest to see if your clearly less intelligent crewmates are getting any treasure of their own in the perilous jungle. But on your way over there, you notice something weird... It seems the crow's nest is leaking... Yep, it is definitely dripping some kind of silvery, metallic liquid... Right onto the deck in front of you. Plus, half the crow's nest has mysteriously disappeared. Think the billowing gas clouds immediately behind you could have something to do with this?

Everlast: You think it might be another one of the captains traps so you touch the liquid with your knife to see if it's dangerous.

Was It Me?: No! Not the knife... we need that. ;)

Demyx: you contain the gas in your boots to save for later.

Xap: Is there a bottle anywhere to keep the liquid in?
I like this story. It's very mysterious. ;)

Imposter: Told you it was probably acidic.

Demyx: No, imposter said it was acidic. Anyway, wait until the gas is done melting the boat, then sell the liquid for moolah, cuz' "you savin' Moolah!"

Well, the gas has pretty much dispersed now. Just about all of it is gone. Anyway, part of the mast also began to drip into a puddle on the deck, which is now blending with the crow's nest liquid. After dipping your knife into the gross puddle, the metallic liquid hardens around the knife, so it is now misshapen and the tip is not really sharp at all.

Demyx: I call dibs!!!! Now let me edit my post! Okay, you wait for your pirate buddies to come back, and in the mean time your horde THEIR stuff.

NOTE: This post originally said something about picking up the melted crow's nest and trying to auction it off to the other pirates. Hence the forthcoming comments and scene.

Everlast: The pirates are out in the jungle. How is he going to find them?

Everlast does raise a point. Due to the melted crow's nest, you can't exactly see where the other pirates are. You could still venture into the jungle to look for them, but you never know what you'll find!

Everlast: Well since the gas has dispersed why doesn't he go back into the captains room and look in the chest? :D

Was It Me?: If there's anything actually unscathed in the chest after the deleterious haze did its work, I'll be mystified.

No, imposter said it was acidic.
Imposter: I am Imposter.

???revived: Drink the mercury...

Xap: It might turn him into a mutant! o_o
Actually, it might just kill him...

???revived: Most likely the second option, unless the pirate guy has some strange immunity to highly toxic liquid metals...

Xap: Wait, Loofiloo never even said it was Mercury anyway...

Demyx: Well, he still should pick mine 'cuz its first.

Yeah, I don't think the pirates would've had a crow's nest made of solid mercury. =P That would be very hard to make. I don't know if anybody is still unclear about this, but the metallic puddle was the crow's nest. I might've been too subtle in explaining that, but that's why half of it was gone and it was "leaking" at the same time. The toxic gas made it melt.

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