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Chapter 4: Pirate Vs. Wildlife

The metal has nearly solidified now, so you're able to chip off a few chunks of it using your hands and your oddly misshapen knife. You put the bits of metal in your pocket and walk down the ramp to the shore. Judging by the footprints, it seems one person walked straight into the jungle alone, two of them went a different way together, and another walked a good distance down the beach. Where do YOU want to go?

Xap: Follow the person who went a good distance along the side of the beach.

You follow the footprints around the beach for an hour or so, and eventually encounter one of the other pirates. He sees you and says "Thank goodness! Somebody else finally found me! That monkey up there stole my grapefruit, and he's just out of reach in that tree! I'd hate to get scurvy, so can you help me get the fruit back?"

Imposter: Throw bits of metal at the monkey.

Annoyed by the bits of metal being thrown at him as he tries to decipher the grapefruit, the monkey decides to return fire. He stands up in the tree and throws the grapefruit, which splatters all over your face. The other pirate says "Uhh... Well, I guess that's one way to get it back. I think you can keep that though. I'll just go see if there's any fruit in the jungle. What about you? Want to come along?"

???revived: Yes, do come along...

After walking through the jungle a bit with no real complications, you and the other pirate come to a clearing. You notice that there is a cave nearby, and considering the potential for loot inside, you point it out to your friend. He mentions that he still hasn't found any fruit, and would rather not go adventuring on an empty stomach. What do you think you should do?

???revived: Throw into the cave the damaged grapefruit as a lure for whatever may be inside...

The other pirate says there's a path just ahead of this clearing, and he's going to follow it to the left, in case you decide to catch up later. You throw the grapefruit into the cave, and out comes... A SWARM OF BATS! OH NOES! THEY'RE EVERYWHERE! WHAT CAN YOU DO?!

Actually, it just so happens that these are fruit bats. So after fluttering around you and screeching for a few minutes, they recede into the cave and become much more interested in the fruit you just gave them.

Demyx: stomp on the cave to get the bats out, then throw the bandana at the bats to confuse them.

Behold the incredible shrinking inventory!

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