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Chapter 5: Cave Saga

You climb atop the cave, and decide that a cave with no bats is even better than a cave with distracted bats. You stomp around and make lots of noise, and when they start to leave the cave, you toss your bandana at them. It lands on one bat's head, causing it to become confused, and in turn confusing the rest of the bats. In their confused state, they fly off into the trees screeching at everything.

RyGuy: Explore the cave.


You climb down and begin heading into the cave, and after a little over a minute of walking, you realize... It certainly is dark in this cave. There isn't even very much daylight coming in, due to the coverage of the jungle plants outside. You could keep going, but it might be better to come back later when you have some method of lighting the way.

Imposter: We must push forward! (and keep the knife out, it probably won't help but hey... it will make it feel safer)

???revived: Leave one gold coin behind as a tip and run away from the cave as quickly as possible... :P

EDIT: Gah too late...

With your lumpy, awkward knife drawn, you continue walking forward, but you suddenly fall right into a hole in the cave's floor! The fall isn't too long, so you aren't hurt when you land. Inside you meet a clearly-more-prepared pirate who brought a lantern along. It is also apparent that he outranks you, because he has a machete. He says "Ahoy, I guess ye also thought ye'd find some treasure down here, eh? I saw these crystals glowin' down here, an' thought they'd make excellent booty, but I couldn't get back out when I jumped down... I... Thought it weren't such a long drop."

???revived: Give him a coin and continue down the cave...

He says "I appreciate the help, matey, but even with some o' yer assistance, it'll be hard gettin' outta this cave." Over in the next room, there's some weird pond of purple liquid (and a frog on the other side). The little pool is definitely too long for you to just jump over, but who knows? Maybe it won't hurt you...

Was It Me?: Dip your knife in the pond first. It's practically ruined anyway.

With your faithful liquid-testing knife, you investigate the nature of this pond... Er... Puddle... Pondle? Sure, pondle. Sure enough, you find that this pondle is acidic. You're now left with a knife handle, as the whole blade has melted off.

jstrok7: Try to break as more chrystals as you can to make a little bridge over pondle and of course save at least 5 little chrystal rocks for you . As your mate pirate has machete, he could also try to cut off some chrystals .

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