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Chapter 6: The Frog's Bargain

It takes several hours of work, but you are able to dig out plenty of crystals with your limited tools. You sneak a few crystals into your pouch behind the other pirate's back, but you aren't too worried, because he's probably doing the same thing (being a pirate and all). You find that since the crystals are so dense, they don't melt quite so easily, so you can dip two ends in the pondle, then stick them together, forming a pretty strong bond. Eventually you have a crystal bridge long enough and strong enough to get you to the other side.

???revived: Examine the frog...

Boy people sure respond quickly now. >____> Are you subscribing to this thread or something?

???revived: Not really. I just randomly check, and I guess I just got lucky...

Demyx: You lucky person. I call dibs once Loofiloo is done or comes back or forgets or eats supper.

???revived: Lol calm down man. You'll get your turn eventually...

Demyx: I am calm, Im just HYPER! Ok, maybe not. Well, I hope Loofiloo comes back because this is fun.

Slade: Dual the frog because he jumped up and ate 3 of your precious crystals!!!

???revived: Don't predict the story on your own...

You duck down to investigate the frog, and it speaks to you! The frog says "You know, there's a monster back there behind me. It's really scaring me, and if you'll kill it for me, I can show you a great way to get out of here." Sure enough, there's some kind of weird-looking monster standing around shortly ahead. What'll you do?

(awkward picture ahead)

Zwaken: You decide to sacrifice a pink crystal (they do look sharp) and stab the monster with it.

Demyx: Good idea. But lemme guess... FOILED!

I spent a lot longer on this picture than I should have, but I guess that just makes it all the better for everyone else.

You approach the monster to stab it with your crystal, but you stumble on your path, and just manage to hit it in the leg. With its other leg, the monster scratches you and kicks you to the ground. Just then, your matey jumps right over you and hits the monster in the head with his machete. Looks like it's done for. It seems he's really earned the rank associated with that, eh?

jstrok7: You thank to your buddy for saving you and then you take the chrystals out of monsters leg and take them .
I suggest that you should also take some chrystals off of the chrystal bridge .
After that you talk to the frog .

(Monster - lol, nice one lofiloo)

Heh. Yeah, I was thinking for several minutes what should be in the next part of the cave, but could still be easy to draw... After a few minutes of frustration, I just said, "Heck, let's put a monster in there. Just a plain ol' monster."

That's kind of a long request to put into one scene, but I think I can squeeze it all in.

After scooping up a few extra crystals for your trip, you check back with your frog friend. He says "This is great. If you just pick me up, I can guide you out of this cave." You put him in your pouch, then walk no more than 10 feet before you come to a deep hole in the ground. The bottom is not visible, even with the lantern nearby. The frog says "Well, this is it. This is the way out. You need to jump into that hole within... I'd say 30 seconds, and you'll get right out of the cave. Promise." What do you think? Is this frog trustworthy?

Demyx: No, don't trust the frog. Build another pink crystal bridge.

Xap: I would have said throw the frog or other object down to test if it's safe.

Was It Me?: Yeah...

"Here frog, I'll toss you down first and then I'll follow."

jstrok7: Heh, yeah, first take the first chrystal bridge here and go over that hole to check what's on the other side after the hole . @Demyx - Why to build a new one if he can bring the old one !

Everlast: Actually if I was the stick pirate......... .........I would try to jump across the hole. It doesn't look to wide.

jstrok7: Well, yeah, this is the smartest thing said yet .

Was It Me?: Yet the frog said that the way out was down the hole...

Although I'm not normally one who's apt to listen to talking frogs. :P

Everlast: Mabye he is a prince, which is why he can talk.

Was It Me?: What? Don't tell me we have to kiss it now...

There aren't enough crystals left in that little cave for you to build a whole new bridge, so you just have to haul the old one over to the hole. As you and the other pirate heave it on over, you suddenly see a powerful fountain of water burst up from the hole in the ground and go straight up to the outside again! The frog says "Well, I told you you'd have to jump. That's not going to happen again for another week or so. Good luck navigating the cave now." Well, time to press on?

Demyx: DIG! DIG!! DIG!!! Yeah. Well, dig up. And us your crystal bridge and crystals. And use the pirate's lamp and the frog as blasting material.

Everlast: ...... are you implying he blow up the frog, that seems uneccessary.

Was It Me?: Not to mention ineffective.

???revived: Frog blood is known to be highly reactive...

Was It Me?: Only from radioactive frogs.

???revived: reactive, not radioactive.

They're two different things.

Off topic again (my fault)...

Was It Me?: I realize that. However, only the blood from radioactive frogs is reactive in any significant way.

Zwaken: Unless the frog ate GUN POWDER! Who knows

Demyx: Still, dig I say!

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