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Chapter 7: Plenty to Loot

Well, digging up into the cave ceiling appears to be a bit of an unfeasible idea... You can't really reach it with your crystals, and even with the crystal bridge's aid, you would be unable to get all the way to the surface. Meanwhile, the frog has already retreated to the purple pondle. It's either dead or immune to the effects of the liquid, but either way, you can't tell exactly where it is. The other pirate says "Er, I don't know what yer thinkin' exactly, but I think we need t'be movin' on in this cave. We're not gettin' anywhere in this place."

Everlast: Jump across to the other side of the ledge, and see whats over there.

Demyx: The waterfall is gone. Weird the waterfall go? Can you put the waterfall back in? I like the water fall. Can you make the waterfall animate? Anyway, that was the funniest picture ever.

That was not a waterfall. =P It was a geyser. It has stopped flowing, and as the frog said, that only happens about once a week.

Zwaken: Ohhhh...so he wanted you so jump down, hit the gyser, and spew up?

Yep... Too bad nobody trusted him.

Leon: Hey, would YOU trust a talking frog that lives in a pondle of acid-like stuff? I know I wouldn't.

Zwaken: I trust just about everyone/everything except people who trade in Diablo 2...

Demyx: What about in Diablo 1? Any way, at least we don't have the frog any more.

Zwaken: I've never played Diablo 1 so I couldn't say...back on topic, What if there's a TRAP at the other side???

Everlast: There probably will be. :P

Demyx: Maybe there won't. I hope that something good happens. BTW, what is going on now? Like, whats the objective?

Everlast: The objective is to get out of the cave right now.

Was It Me?: Preferably with possession of a few crystals. :P

Xap: Ack! I just realized that you changed your avatar, WIM. Now I won't be able to recognize you!

Demyx: Okay, but when we get out what do we do? Because right now I got us in the cave. What were we doing before?

Xap: Read the stuff above the pictures from the beginning. There aren't too many of them.
About the objective - well, there isn't really one. The story depends on what the forumers say, and what Loofiloo decides is going to happen.

Demyx: Oh okay. I thought I missed something.

You get to the other side of the little gap, and walk for maybe a quarter of a mile until you come upon three pedestals sitting in the middle of the cave. On top of each pedestal, there's a very shiny, very pretty crystal ball. One is pink, one is a yellowish-green, and the third is blue. This may be some valuable treasure you could salvage. Then again, it might be a trap! What do you think you should do?

(omg point-of-view change!)

???revived: Take the pink crystal.

Everlast: Wow, this story is getting interesting.

Rex Nex: Throw your knife handle at the blue one to see if its a trap.

Demyx: I would have just walked by.

Throw your knife handle at the blue one to see if its a trap.
Zwaken: And then throw each of your boots at the other ones.

Rex Nex: Good idea!

You walk up to grab the pink crystal, and it immediately stretches itself out and attaches to your left arm! You swing it around like crazy trying to get the crystal off, but while swinging, it just extends like elastic, with the crystal on the end! When not swinging, it recedes to cover the rest of your arm. In the midst of all your flailing, the other pirate tries to chop it off with his machete, but more damage is done to the blade than the crystal! It looks as if you have a retractable ball & chain stuck to your arm now...

Slade: Knock the other balls with the 'chain mace' arm. See if they help to do anything else.

Well, uh... D'you suppose you could pick one at a time? I think both of them might just be worthy of their own picture. =D

Rex Nex: Stick the pink ellastic stuff in the water to see if it desintagrates.

Zwaken: Smash it against the wall. If that doesn't work, tell the other pirate to try and burn it with his lamp.

Demyx: Let Slade decide which ball to hit first.

Everlast: This story took an interesting turn.

Well, I would hope that every turn is interesting. =D Personally, I thought the bees and the bats were quite interesting turns.

P.S. There's a violent thunderstorm going on right now, so I'm just posting this from my parents' Mac. I personally thought this occasion was cause enough to turn off and unplug my computer, since I don't want to buy another power supply.

So... Yeah, no Paint on the Mac.

Demyx: Loofiloos repling! I call! Okay, any time...
EDIT: Loofiloo's post is so long, Loofiloo signed off... (when you don't do anything, you sign off by force)
EDIT2: must... get... picked!!!!
EDIT3: almost!!!
EDIT4: come on...
EDIT5: I'm going insane waiting!

Well, I was going to give Slade a chance to make a new response, but it's kinda been a while, so I'm just gonna go ahead with the next one.

It's a pretty long walk, but you believe your arm is worth the trip. Once you make your way back to the pondle, you try to dip the pink elastic stuff in, but it definitely has a firm grip on your arm. The only way to make it extend is to swing it around, at which point it only reaches just past your wrist, whereas when you don't move it, it's stuck all the way up to your shoulder. So you swing it into the purple liquid, but it doesn't appear to be dissolving. You just splash corrosive liquid all over the cave, making the other pirate yell at you. "Hey! Quit splashin' that junk all over the place! Yer gonna get us both killed doin' that!"

Demyx: Wack the other pirate with the ball, take his sword and run out the cave towards th other balls

Everlast: I like that answer, you don't like the other pirate yelling at you so you hit him with the ball.

You quickly turn around and hit the other pirate in the head, then take his machete when he's on the ground. Soon after, you run as fast as you can further into the cave. However, shortly after jumping over that little gap, you get this strange feeling... A feeling like you might have forgotten something...

Everlast: Go back and get the lantern from the pirate.

Demyx: Oh yeah... Awesome answer

Slade: If you can find him...that is...

Demyx: Yeah, I just inverted the colors and got nothing. You can see a straight path, the pirate, his sword and... Loofiloo forgot to put in the pink ball!!!

Slade: Then what's that thing attached to his hand?

Demyx: his sword

Slade: No! his other hand has the small pink ball thing attached to himself.

Yeah, I said earlier that the ball only extends when you swing it around. Other times, it's stuck all the way up to your shoulder, basically a pink coating on your arm. His shirt sleeve just covers most of it up.

Demyx: Yeah I see it, its green when you invert it.

Slade: See?.

I don't see how inverting the colors would be helpful. <____< I'd think it would just make everything white or nearly-white.

Slade: If I look sideways on my computer screen I can see the image better.

Demyx: Darks are darker than their light opposite.

Rex Nex: Use the ball as a pick and chuck it out of the cave hole and climb up it. (If it is heavy anough)

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