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Chapter 8: Orb Analysis 101

(I've been meaning to do more scenery like this in the cave, but I guess it's slipped my mind)

You head back the way you came, but just before you reach the little pondle, the other pirate notices you! Apparently your strike wasn't able to totally knock him out (or kill him... I'm not sure what the intent was, exactly) He throws a crystal at you, and it whizzes by, just missing you by a hair! He says "You stay away from me! I don't like you!" What are you going to do?

Everlast: Try to calm him down. Say that he was mean to you earlier and that's why you hit him.

???revived: I would've just wacked him in the head again...

The pirate says "Oh... Really? Gosh, I'm sorry if I was mean to you earlier... Honestly, I didn't recognize you, but I've got a horrible headache, so I guess I was just feeling a tad edgy... Seriously though, have we met? My name's Larsen. Do you happen to know a way to get out of here? It doesn't appear to be a very pleasant place, but I did notice that there are some pretty crystals in my pocket..."

???revived: Go back to the dark area with the other pirate.

Everlast: Darn, the pirate lost his memory it seems. I guess that wack did a lot more than knock him over.

jstrok7: Wel, that's good, now we have machete and pirate guy is still with us . :)

Slade: I agree with ???revived. Go back to see what's beyond that dark tunnel/cave.

I'm wondering... By "the dark area" do you mean the part of the cave beyond the crystal balls? Or just the place earlier where you had no lantern? Because that place came before the crystals...

Demyx: I'm going with the dark part after I made the pirate knock they guy down.

Well, I'll wait a couple hours for ???revived to specify, but otherwise, I'll either make my own decision, or go with the next post down the list.

Slade: The part way past the crystal balls.

Demyx: The Slade =/= ???revived. You aren't the same. Wait for the guy who isn't you to reply.

???revived: The part after the crystal balls.

PJ_69: So are you going to continue this?

Demyx: Wait, master Odon. Peace will be restored. Maybe its a big picture, or complex, or detailed, or belligerent. Yes, he will.

Yeah, or maybe I'm just taking longer than usual. I went to a kind of a party today, so I haven't been home for very long.

You continue heading through the cave, but once you and the other pirate reach the crystals, Larsen feels the need to stop. He says "Hey! What are these things? They sure are pretty! Are they yours? Can I have one? Looks like we could each take one, right? There's two of us and two of them!"

Everlast: So the pirates name is Larsen?

(just a question, someone else can post what to do next )

???revived: Tell the other pirate to take the blue ball. :P

Everlast: Mabye there was a yellow ball once, but when someone touched it, they turned into that green ugly monster from a while back.

Demyx: Where's the pedestal for it?

Everlast: Mabye the moster ate it. :D

Demyx: Yeah, but then he'd look deformed because he ate a big rock the same saize as him.

Larsen approaches the blue crystal ball, and as soon as he touches it, it SHOOTS away from him at a very high speed, way down the cave. A few seconds later, it shoots back in your direction, bouncing off every wall, nearly hitting the two of you several times! It's now headed for back the way you came. What'll you do now?

This would've taken about 10-15 minutes fewer, but I ran into SEVERAL accidental complications with the main pirate guy's head and arms. Then I forgot to put the lantern in. >_< And me being the scrupulous person I am, I had to get it just right. At least I remembered the pirate's pouch. That's usually the detail I forget, and add at the last minute.

P.S. Yes Everlast, the other pirate revealed his name to you after his bout with amnesia. I got tired of referring to him as "the other pirate" so I gave him something shorter, since I figured he'd be a more commonly appearing character.

Hee hee... I love all the theories you guys cook up about my little story. :D They're a lot of fun to read.

RyGuy: Cautiously grab the green crystal.

jstrok7: Oh no!
We are doomed ! lol

Demyx: You should try to get the blue one in then pouch.

Slade: As if your pouch was a basketball hoop.

Demyx: But smaller and more fragile.

Slade: Try to slow down the ball by using the pink ball to hit the blue one when it comes towards you.

jstrok7: I hope that loofiloo listen to that suggestion, becuase if we touch green ball, we are doomed !

Everlast: He does the first suggestion after his picture.

jstrok7: But once or two times he didn't, so that's why I hope he would listen to Slade .

Everlast: But I think last time the person that posted right after the picture said to go with someone else's idea.

Tonight we've got an update for the late-night surfers. ;)

And yeah, the first post says I always pick the first suggestion, as long as it isn't totally stupid, too vague, or too long. And if one IS too long, I just take the first part of it. =P

You cautiously step up and place your hand on the green crystal, and it begins glowing brightly. After that... It glows some more. It doesn't seem to be harmful, but perhaps your pink-crystaled arm is protecting you.

jstrok7: Touch it with your Knife handle to see if it is harmful .

Anyways, what happened to blue crystal ball?

Zwaken: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Jstrok, IT'S A BOMB!!! RUN!!!

Xap: The blue bomb bounced away - see the last page.

Maybe this particular orb could be used as a lamp of some sort?

jstrok7: @Zwaken - lol
@Xap - Ah, somehow I missed that part when I was reading Loofiloos post !?
And you mean, "ball" right, not "bomb" . lol

Xap: lol, yes, ball not bomb.

Slade: But what if it is a bomb?!? I'm with Jstrok either way.

Everlast: I would have told the other pirate to touch it.

Demyx: He changed it. I think.

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