Shepry And Koen

      Shepry and Koen are a pair of adventurers set out on what is sure to be the greatest epic journey of their lives. Nearly all of their possessions have been stolen, and their only mode of transportation is a hot air balloon. What sort of trials might befall these compatriots?

Story 1: Wherever The Wind Takes Us

Chapter 1: Entailing the beginning of Shepry and Koen's predicament, and their resulting simply-planned resolution
Chapter 2: Shepry and Koen more formally introduced. Their morning balloon flight.
Chapter 3: In which Shepry and Koen learn of a strangely intriguing sport.
Chapter 4: A woodland chase to a strange new place
Chapter 5: Koen and the hallowed library
Chapter 6: Shepry and Koen are offered a fortuitous meal
Chapter 7: "Awkward" is the word of the day. Also "apalling"
Chapter 8: Shepry and Koen meet someone new and someone old heading to town under painful circumstances (mostly for Koen)
Chapter 9: