How it began...

     The world got its first glimpse of a Troothful Tale on Friday, January 19, 2007 at 8:42 P.M. This is when the first Tale was posted in an online forum. Its beginning was a bit rocky, but once things got going, fun was had by all. It was so much fun, I couldn't wait for the next reply. So I went to yet another forum and posted yet another Tale. From this point on, both were progressing simultaneously, and remained a constant staple of each site's general discussion section.
     However, work gradually slowed on the adventures. It seemed to be getting a tad bland. So that's when, by the suggestions of several others, and with my acquisition of Photoshop, I decided I would make an entire web site dedicated to the TTs. This is also where their names shifted from CYOAs (choose-your-own-adventures) to Troothful Tales. The name "Trooth" is a mash-up of my full name.

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Credits & Thanks

•Thanks to my brother for helping me get my web site online
•Dave Lovelace for the "Spastic Nerfbag" font, found here.
• and forums for hosting the original stories
•My web page design teacher, Mrs. Hut for teaching me the HTML I utilized in this site.
•Microsoft and Adobe, for Paint and Photoshop, respectively
•Cave Story, for an obscure reference or two. ;)
•And anybody else who helped to make the stories what they are today.