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Troothful Tales is a site run by Trooth, mainly to house choose-your-own-adventure stories, written continuously based on community input. They aren't like the typical "option A, option B, etc." sort of CYOA though. Instead, users on the forum direct the actions of the main character with very little restriction. Past stories are present here if you want to get an idea of how things are done, and if you sign up on the forum (which is quick, easy, and free) you can become a part of them today! There are also several CYOAs made by the community in the forum, so feel free to get in on one of those or even create your own!

The CYOAs are the main attraction here, but there's other content a well. From time to time I'll feel compelled to write an article about something (such as a guide to creating the perfect webcomic) or I'll draw some random art in Photoshop, which is posted here. These things are less interesting, and are posted mostly so I have a place to store them and keep them organized.


January 20, 2012: Man, I've been away for quite a while. Totally did not expect it to be as many weeks as it's been. I feel bad for not updating sooner. I get that sentiment every time I go a while without updating. I start up Photoshop, get to work, and go I SEEM TO BE ENJOYING MYSELF, WHY HAVE I NOT PARTAKEN IN THIS SOONER?

But it's not been all fun and games and laziness. I've been trying really hard to find a job lately, but been running into difficulties. And I feel like I should focus on that before I pour all my free time into fun stuff like site updates. Anyway, be sure you visit the forum!

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